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patterns for toddler self-dressing

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    JohannaO @JohannaO

    Sarvi, you’re right, it’s a good idea to keep evaluating. We had the option to keep my son there one more year, or go to a 3yr-8th grade Montessori school. Academically it would have been wonderful for him. However, by putting him in “regular” kindergarten, he’s with his peers, instead of being one of the oldest in his classroom. He really enjoys the routine of school instead of the more relaxed learning time in his Montessori school. There are some things we’re not crazy about (kids trying to kiss each other on the playground) but we felt that there were things he couldn’t learn in Montessori that he would be able to in Kindergarten. He’s very happy, and for the most part wakes up each day ready to go. We were anxious, but it seems to meet his needs for this year.

    wooly jen @wooly jen

    Hadn’t checked in for a while, but it’s great to see all this discussion!

    There’s lots of good advice here, and all I can really add — in addition to the wisdom of trying to find the program that best suits the individual child — is that Montessori programs themselves do vary! My eldest is now 16, but when he was 3 he went to a Montessori program (in a different city from our current home). It worked brilliantly for his best friend, but really didn’t suit my little one at all. (I found the tone of the place a bit sombre…others thought it calm.) I wish I had had more confidence in my own instincts as a young mum, back then; I think he could have had much more fun elsewhere. On the other hand, my youngest (now 22 months) *adores* her toddler Montessori. She merrily waves bye-bye and scurries off to hang up her coat, remove her outdoor shoes & line them up, put on her indoor shoes and get to “work.” There’s a very lively and happy atmosphere, and as long as LO is thriving, we’re happy!

    Thanks again to all for the input on adapting patterns for the clothing requirements of her school!

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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