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Jump Rope in a size 10?

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    avashmava @avashmava

    Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m new here 🙂 I just love the Jump Rope dress and would love to make it for my daughter. She is nearly 10, but wears a very slim 10. I’m wondering if anyone has modified this pattern to fit an older/taller child? Do you think I can use the size 8 if I just lengthen the bodice and skirt?

    I’ve never sewn with Oliver + S before, so I need some experienced advice!

    Thank you!

    Liesl Gibson

    Hi Amanda,

    The Jump Rope Dress is a very slim-fitting pattern, so I would suggest checking the measurements (both finished garment and body measurements) before you try this. If it looks like it will fit ok you should be fine to lengthen it, but my concern would be that it’s already a very slim dress, so it may simply be too tight or too difficult to pull over her head.

    I hope that helps! Our newer patterns all come in larger sizes, so they might be an easier place to start–and you can be more certain the finished garment will fit.

    Best wishes!

    avashmava @avashmava

    Thank you so much, Liesl! I will compare the measurements, as you suggested. Please keep doing what you do! I love your designs and am so happy to have found them!

    Violaisabelle @Violaisabelle

    Hi Amanda,

    Tamara and I graded up this dress pattern for our older daughters. If you read through this thread, both pages, you can read what we did to grade it up: https://oliverands.com/forums/topic.php?id=846 There are links to my finished product at the end of the thread. My daughter is wearing her dress today. 🙂 I did lengthen the placket as well as the bodice so she could get it on over her head. It’s a lovely pattern.

    Happy Sewing,


    beachmom @beachmom

    I’ve used the size 8 JRD pattern to make a couple of dresses for my oldest daughter who is now 12. She’s slender but tall. Both were view B. The red dress was when she was 10 years old and I don’t think I added length on that one but it’s been 2 years, so I might have. The striped dress I sewed this year but I changed the pattern up a bit.

    Jump Rope Dress, Take 3

    Grown Up Jump Rope Dress

    K’s measurements are mostly in line with the measurements for a size 8 with the exception of her height (5′ 4″). Nicole has made the JRD several times for her older girls too.

    So, yes it can be done but double check the measurements. Good luck!


    Nicole @motherof5

    Cindy is right!

    My 12 year old twins still wear the size 8,it is a bit snug to get on but they love them and don’t mind at all!

    They measure an 8 in the chest.

    Tamara @justsewit

    Yes this can be done! I had to size the pattern up a couple of sizes mainly for growth than anything – only because she’s very tall. It isn’t hard to do but I would practise first to get the hang of it and then use the fabric you want to use when you feel you have the fit right. You may not need to alter alot considering she is a skinny 10. So just have her measurements handy when you go to alter the pattern (I think I’m repeating what Carol has already said).

    I lengthened the placket also because it looked a little too short with the size upgrade – I think it was made 2 inches longer from memory but you probably wouldn’t need to adjust it that much.

    This pattern is worth every ounce of usage – just such a shame this didn’t include the larger sizes from the start but it CAN be done with practise. So go for it and please show us when you’re done – we’d love to see!


    avashmava @avashmava

    Oh, thank you all so much! I appreciate all the advice. I measured her carefully and it would appear she could wear the size 8, except for length. I will print the pattern and measure again before cutting to make sure all is well. I will lengthen the waist, skirt and placket (thanks for the suggestion-I would NOT have thought of the placket!).

    I am excited to get started and will try to remember to post a picture–I’m not the best at all that techy stuff 😛

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