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interlock – heads up!

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    Liesl Gibson

    Those of you who have been bitten by the interlock/knit bug and have fallen in love with the interlock in our fabric collections, I wanted to let you know that Modern Workshop is the last collection that will include knits for a while. When cotton prices went crazy last year we decided not to continue producing the knits because the price would have been very high.

    So if you’re enjoying it, you may want to grab more while you can. I just noticed that Quilthome.com has all Moda fabrics marked down 30% (use code QHMODA30), and you may be able to get it elsewhere as well.

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Thanks for the tip! It just started pouring buckets here, so I’m actually going to go for the laminate.

    sayiamyou @maraya

    Good to know! I’ll be sure to stock up! Thanks Liesl!

    Loralee @Loralee

    Oh Liesl, thank you for the heads up. Yes, I’m one of the one’s with the interlock bug. Sniff. Sarvi, its pouring buckets here, too, but of the tears variety! LOL

    I will have to explain to the hubby why I need to stock up on interlock now. He happens to be in the t-shirt biz so can’t understand why I want to ‘sew’ t-shirts and dresses when he can get them wholesale. Ugh. The girls and I just love homesewn interlock clothes. Maybe I need to tell him that I either stock up or start cutting up HIS shirts? 😉

    sayiamyou @maraya

    Fabric.com is offering 15% off on knits today. This includes Modern Workshop and their remaining City Weekend. That’s $12.73/yd ladies! Get it while you can!

    Aviatrix51 @Aviatrix51

    If you use the code Facebook45 – you get 20% off orders over 40.00 through 11/12 on fabric.com


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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