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How to insert sleeve in Chai tee

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    Gina @thepie

    So I’m making the Chai tee and it has been going very well up until now. I cannot figure out how to insert the sleeve. I have inserted sleeves before, but this is so different I can’t figure it out. I folded and it and should I only be pinning one side? Then what? It looks like from the picture after it’s folded that that side is open, but mine isn’t. I can only get it to work if I open it up, but then I’d have to hem it and it looks like it’s suppose to be self-hemming? Is that right? I have yet to successfully finish a top. I was hoping this would be the one…. Please someone help! I looked at the sew-along, but that is no help in regards to the sleeve. I am a very visual person and just cannot figure out the next step to put it in.

    Amie @Quilterbee

    Hi Gina! I can help you. Your going to cut the sleeve piece. Fold it RST so the smallest (c shape) is lined up and just stitch the C Shape.

    Now, lay it in front of you so the C shape is on your right and the fold is on your left. It’s still RST.

    What you have is a tube. Fold is on the left. C shape on the right. Open on top and bottom. RST still.

    Your almost done! Take the TOP LAYER ONLY, (the fabric closest to the ceiling) and fold it UP onto itself WST(WRONG sides together)matching the raw edges. Pin it.

    Turn the whole thing over and do the same to the other side. Bringing bottom edge up to the top, pin.

    Now looking down at it… You have a tube with your raw edges pinned at the top. Fold is at the bottom. Right side are out and wrong side is in.

    Attach sleeve as you normally would.

    Gina @thepie

    Wow Amie-thanks so much!!! The way you worded it was so helpful. Made perfect sense. I think I could have reread the directions a million times and never got that out of it! Not criticizing the directions at all-it’s just my brain doesn’t think like that. The sleeves turned out great! Yay for completing a top. Not perfect, but definitely wearable. Thanks again!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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