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Favorite TV Show to watch while handsewing

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    lattemama @lattemama

    We watched Daredevil on Netflix too but I was almost repulsed by the violence. A bit too much (and that is coming from someone who likes Game of Thrones – although I have issues with the gratuitous nudity in that).

    Doctor Who is a favourite (going to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff this summer – yay!) as well as Torchwood.
    Outlander is so amazing – the costumes! The story! Love it. (there is nudity in this too – lots of it – but it’s never gratuitous – although the episode from Saturday was a bit of a shock when I got to see a bit more of (little) Black Jack Randall than I had expected.)

    Orphan Black is so good, but a bit too involved for me to hand sew to – it needs to be watched (Tatiana Maslany should win all the awards possible for that show).

    We watch Elementary, Forever, and The Flash (but we ditched Arrow) and my husband is keen on Gotham but I felt a bit “Meh” about it.

    We are both huge Marvel fans and loved Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD. The girls would love it too (they have seen Avengers and Captain America several times) but the stream we watch doesn’t have subtitles so they can’t really follow along.

    Tamara @justsewit

    We have foxtel which, when I get the chance gives me the opportunity to watch Outlander (can’t wait for the new series), Grimm (hubby loves this one), Our Zoo, Call the Midwife and lately, Frankie. I am excited about the new Hart of Dixie series starting Thursday.

    At the moment it is an episode of The block triple threat and then Big bang theory, a disappointing “classic” episode when I am seriously missing the new series and may aswell just get it on dvd.

    Oh and in the background is the baby monitor playing the bedtime tracks of classical pieces (thankfully doesn’t go all night).

    Unfortunately, Forever is on too late and I keep falling asleep waiting for it to start! So thats another one to find at the dvd shop.

    I have watched Maleficent recently and Big hero six but movies are a bit thin on the ground here at the moment.

    Darcy Struble @darcyjane

    @lightningmcstitch and @lattemama, we LOVE Doctor Who. My husband is trying to force me to make him a 10th Doctor costume for halloween (or a Lucius Malfoy costume from Harry Potter, trying to figure with one will be easier haha). We are currently out of them on Netflix so we have to wait for the season airing to be over get more 🙁

    Lightning Mcstitch, the french show sounds interesting! I’ve been trying to find something to watch to brush up on my french (we are heading to Montreal this summer so I’ve been working on my french)

    Latte Mama, we haven’t tried watching Torchwood but it’s in our list. We do watch and love Agents of Shield as well.

    , my husband refuses to watch big bang theory. It’s because he is so much like Sheldon Sheldon wouldn’t watch that show hahaha. I’ve been wanting to see Maleficent!

    We’ve also been watching Friends (which we were watching last night as I was hand sewing a ribbon on some Roman Shades that I’ve been working on for weeks for the living room and as I was attatching this ribbon, my dog jumped down off the couch and peed on the curtain. I am still mad at her) and we were watching Once Upon A Time but haven’t in a really long time now.

    lattemama @lattemama

    We watch The Big Bang Theory but I find I’m not laughing as much these days. And I really, really dislike Bernadette.

    I used to like New Girl but I haven’t seen it in a while.

    Friends was a favourite way back when, but I never watched the last 2.5 seasons. Now that it is on Netflix maybe I should remedy that.

    Torchwood is horribly, gloriously cheesy during series 1. Series 2 is much better and series 3 is amazing. Some people say there is a series 4 but I disagree (it’s awful – and it was made by Starz which is why I was so nervous about Outlander.).

    Tamara @justsewit

    I have to endure big bang theory alot! Murray claims it helps him to sleep! I want to kick the tv out the door because it keeps me awake!

    Another program I liked was Once upon a time. It was a nice twist on the use of fairy tale characters.

    And Maleficent, even though rated M, I let my kids watch it because it was such a great story. Of course I saw it with them to talk them through the scary parts.

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    Reeni @Reeni

    I don’t have a TV convenient to where I do my sewing usually (Which means I listen to Spotify or podcasts on my phone), but sometimes I’ll hand-sew on the bed and put a musical On Demand, or BBC — Doctor Who or something else. Chef is a fave but it’s hardly on anymore.
    Lattemama, I agree with Flash vs Arrow!
    If you like Gilmore girls, give Bunheads a try — one season, great female characters.

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    Tamara @justsewit

    I loved Bunheads but did they do a second season? Or was it just a very long first series?

    meleliza @meleliza

    I only watch reruns when I’m sewing because I’m really just listening and not watching. It needs to be something that captures enough of my attention that I don’t wander off thinking about a million things, but not so interesting that it distracts me from what I’m doing. I was binge watching ghost whisperer, now I’m on Charmed. I may do desperate housewives or a seriousl law and ordered binge.

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