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errata for sketchbook shirt

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    vzgranier @vzgranier

    Where can I find the errata for the sketchbook short and shirt. I have the smaller size. First printing.

    I haven’t made the shirt yet, so I want to be sure the pattern is error free before I cut into my fabric.

    I see one error as I am looking at the back yoke pattern piece…The bottom line shows one size, but if I follow the line around to the top, the sizes change.

    I am so disappointed. Is there anyway I can get a corrected copy of this pattern. I am afraid that there are other errors that I will have to hunt down as I sew……….

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    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Here you go: https://oliverands.com/shop/sketchbook-shirt-shorts-sewing-pattern.html#tab-errata

    You might want to have a peek at the older threads about this pattern. Folks who want a tuck-in style shirt often add some length, and there’s discussion there about how much to add for which size.

    I don’t know whether there’s been a second printing of that pattern or not?

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    Todd Gibson

    @vzgranier If you use the link Sarvi provided, you’ll see all the errata from the first printing. Everything is covered there.

    vzgranier @vzgranier

    Thanks, folks! I was able to find the errata and made the corrections on my pattern. I am constructing the shirt now.

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