introducing the amarena dress sewing pattern

Hello again!

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to our second new style for Fall 2023, the Amarena Dress. It’s also available in digital format.

You might be familiar with our extremely popular Gelato Dress, a pull-on (no zippers or buttons!) style with gentle A-line shaping. This style is based on that pattern, The shape is not too flared and not too straight, fitted through the shoulders so it looks neat and elegant, and with just enough room through the body to allow you to move and feel relaxed. Secret pajamas, maybe?

In any case, if you liked the Gelato I think you’re going to like the Amarena Dress as well.

The Amarena Dress includes two views for you to mix and match: View A includes a really flattering shawl collar, shaped welt front pockets for a fun change, and cuffed short sleeves. (I especially love the sleeves, although the collar comes in a very close second.)

For View B, try the V-neck (no collar, easier pockets–both easier to sew if you’re feeling nervous) and curved side pockets as well as three-quarter sleeves.

And of course you can mix and match both views to create the dress of your own liking. Or a bunch of different dresses, each with a different combination of elements. I also included a cut line for a top, just in case you want to explore that direction as well. Just remember to eliminate the pockets if you choose that option.

And of course we included cup sizes to help you get a great fit. Whether you’re A/B, C, or D cup we’ve included the bust adjustment for you to save you the extra work.

This style works great in lightweight and medium-weight fabrics. As you can see, I sewed View A in a slubby yellow cotton viscose that I just love, and View B is an ikat (hand woven in Mallorca, right here in Spain!). The viscose is similar to a silk shantung, which would be amazing for this style if you’re looking for something a little dressy. The ikat, meanwhile, is quite stiff and heavy. So a fabric with a little substance and some drape works great. And this style works well with large patterns, too, so you might even find fabrics in the home dec section of the fabric store if you’re feeling brave. (That’s where I found the ikat.) Watch for fabrics like linen, lightweight denim, cotton twill, sateen, chambray, and rayon. It would also be beautiful in silks and silk/cotton blends. I really want to make it in rayon twill if I can find some.

I’ll talk more about fabric and styling ideas in another post soon. But for now, you can pick up your copy of the Amarena Dress in paper or in digital format. I hope you’ll tag us with #lieslcoamarenadress and #lieslandco so we can see what you make. Because, as always, I can’t wait to see what you do with this pattern.




  1. Janet Oglethorpe

    I especially like the curved pocket!

    1. I’m glad you like it! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Kimberly E

    Lovely pattern! Would love to know how to be able to raise the V-neck up a little so it isn’t quite as deep.

    1. Sure, no sweat! Here’s a blog post that I think will help. You can draw a higher V-neck directly onto the pattern piece before you cut it if you want! Shorten the collar from the center back once you measure to see how much shorten you’ve made the neckline.

      1. Kimberly E.

        Thank you so much!

  3. Great looking dress. this will be so versatile and look so different depending on the fabric.
    I just wish the multiple cup sizing didn’t lump together the A cup and B cup.

    1. I know. I wish we could include larger cup sizes too, but we do as much as we’re able…

  4. carrieopsis

    I see this in a navy linen with white collar and cuffs in my future!

    1. That would be amazing!!!!

  5. I love the collar and the easy shape! Can I ask an impatient question? Is there shaping in the centre front seam, or could you cut the front as one piece? I’ve just ordered a piece of navy-and-white snowdrop pattern Liberty fabric, and I’m looking for a dress pattern that will let the pattern shine.

    1. You could absolutely cut the front on the fold, although sewing the collar might be more of a challenge. I haven’t tried it, but I’m certain it can be done if you want to do it that way.

  6. Mary K

    Oh gosh, that shawl collar (I too would raise the v-neck a little higher) and both those pockets make this such a lovely dress, I may have to start wearing dresses again!

    1. Easy enough to raise! I’m glad you like it.

  7. Amisha

    Oh, this is beautiful and looks so versatile! Thinking this might be the perfect dress for some kitenge fabric I brought back from Kenya years ago, as it too is a thicker, stiffer fabric, maybe similar to your ikat?

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