virginia’s rayon santa rosa top

Virginia, a member of the Advisors’ Circle, is sharing a Santa Rosa Top made from a lovely, drapey rayon fabric. Virginia said this pattern is already a favorite, and we can’t wait to see future versions. Take it away, Virginia!

Smiling woman wearing a pullover long-sleeve blouse made in a drapey floral fabric. She has her hand on her hip.

When Liesl and Co released the latest spring patterns, I loved the Santa Rosa top and dress immediately. I decided I wanted to make a long sleeve top from a rayon fabric that I had in my stash just waiting for the right pattern.

I made a straight size 10 as the pattern is a relaxed roomy fit. I normally shorten the sleeves on Liesl + Co patterns, but I forgot so my sleeves are a bit too long for my liking however I love the rolled sleeve look. I will shorten my sleeves by approximately 2” for my next one. I did not lengthen the shirt although I was a bit concerned it would be too cropped for me, but I absolutely love the length.

Close-up of front of blouse

Close-up of back of blouse

Sewing with rayon can be a bit tricky as it is quite mobile and slippery, but I took my time, used pattern weights and a rotary cutter to cut out my pattern pieces, and used a straight stitch foot and plate on my sewing machine which I love as it prevents the fabric from getting sucked down into the machine.
I used fine pins and tried to only pin in the seam allowances to prevent small holes in my fabric.
I used French seams on all my seams which is my favorite way to sew seams on a fine fabric as it gives such a beautiful finish.

The Santa Rosa has 3 plackets, one on the front and one on each sleeve but don’t be put off if you have never sewed a placket. The instructions are amazing, and you will be a pro by the time you have sewed all three. I found some lovely shell buttons for the cuffs and front placket which match the floral fabric perfectly.

Close-up of shirt cuff

The Santa Rosa has a mandarin collar which is straightforward to sew, and I love the look when worn.
As my fabric was quite fine, I did decide to interface both collar pieces and both cuff pieces with a tricot interfacing to give a bit more structure.

Smiling woman wearing a pullover long-sleeve blouse made in a drapey floral fabric.

Overall, I love the Santa Rosa top, I think it is now my favorite shirt pattern, and I will be making many more, especially with some variations such as sleeveless, with bishop sleeves, with the bodice lengthened and with some lovely Tencel fabric I have which would drape beautifully. The Santa Rosa pattern also comes in dress with a sash belt, and even though I rarely wear dresses, I am going to make a dress version with some blue floral crepe from my stash which will be perfect for a nice evening out.


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  1. Lisa

    Love it! The fit is great, as is the fabric choice. The longer sleeves look really stylish, and as a long-limbed person, I am glad to know they sleeves might actually fit me. This would look so good with a skirt as well for a “fake dress” and would be great for travel. I want one!

  2. Erica

    Your plackets look beautifully done! Even though the fabric was probably a bit tricky to work with, it looks like a comfortable blouse which you will probably wear a lot!

  3. Cindy Cooksey

    It turned out beautiful. I am impressed by your placket skills! I look forward to seeing what else you make in this style.

  4. I missed seeing this and love the fabric choice as well as how beautiful your cuffs looks especially the ends of it (closer to the button and button hole). well done!

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