neha’s strasbourg nightdress

We love Neha’s mashup of the Strasbourg Henley and the Garibaldi Skirt to create the perfect night dress! She’s on the blog today to show us how she did it. Take it away, Neha!

I’ve wanted to make a Henley-style nightdress for a while now, and the two new patterns from Liesl were just what I needed! Enter the Strasbourg Henley Top and the Garibaldi Skirt.

Henley nightshirt on a hanger

This project was a really easy sew, and I had to make very few modifications. For the torso, I traced view B version of the Strasbourg Henley, grading from Medium at the bust to Large at the hips. Typically, I remove two inches from top length to adjust for my height (5’0”), but I chose not to do this so my top would hit at high hip instead of being cropped style as intended by the pattern.

For the lower half, I traced the mini version (short) of the Garibaldi skirt in size 14 without any length modifications, so the nightdress length hits at the knee for me. At the upper edge of the skirt, I followed the curve of the Strasbourg Henley hem and used the side seam edge, continuing the curve to blend with the skirt side seam edge. It was as easy as that!

You can see from the pictures for both front and back pieces where and how I added to the pattern. The original Garibaldi skirt patterns are under.

Tissue paper lying on top of a pattern.
Skirt front modifications
Close up showing where patterns are coming together.
Skirt back modifications

I just taped both patterns touching each other while cutting my fabric, so I just had one continuous center fold and curved side seam edge. It was as easy as that!

Pattern mashup with henley bodice on top and skirt on bottom
Strasborough Henley top and Garibaldi skirt pattern pieces taped together for final use.

I used a light cotton jersey and skipped the buttons, so it all came together in an afternoon!


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  1. What a great idea! I would love to make something like this for the warmer months.

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