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Hello friends!

It’s been a long time since my last Weekend Links post. What a busy fall it’s been! And now the holidays are almost upon us. I hope you’re handing this season well. It can be exciting but also stressful and a bit melancholy. Or is it just me who feels that way?

If you’re making gifts this year, may I take a moment to implore you not to take on too much? I know the desire–and sometimes the pressure in this community and on social media–to give hand-made gifts can be a bit overwhelming at times. Take care of yourself and choose your projects carefully. There are times when a purchased gift or a delayed project is a better choice than pushing yourself to complete that well-intended handmade gift. Choose time for yourself and with your loved ones! We don’t need to be Super Woman every December.

Pinterest Picks

We’ll be in the states (Chicago, Madison, and Manhattan) the week of New Year’s and I’m preparing my suitcase and my mind for the cold. We’re just not accustomed to it anymore! So here we go with elegant, hopefully warm coat sewing ideas, since I have freezing temperatures on my mind anyway.

You might already know my love affair with menswear-inspired styles, so these photos won’t surprise you. They may also remind you of my wool tweed Chaval Coat.

Liesl's Pinterest picks: coats

I love the bright yellow and the fun pocket placement on this coat, as well as the checked wool (with the coordinating floral dress, yes!). Fantastic styles to keep winter dressing fun, I think.

Liesl's Pinterest picks: coats

And color blocking, please! Always a good idea, especially when the days are short and color can elevate your mood.

Liesl's Pinterest picks: coats

Not to mention adding fancy details to otherwise simple coats. So pretty!

Liesl's Pinterest picks: coats

I’m really wanting long coats (and skirts, for that matter) right now. It’s so nice to see hemlines lengthening again!

Liesl's Pinterest picks: coats

But on the flip side, I love these cropped swingy coats with oversized lapels! That’s the great thing about fashion these days: choose your own adventure and embrace it!

Liesl's Pinterest picks: coats

Are you sewing or thinking about sewing a coat this year?

You can see more of my favorites in my Coats Pinterest Board.

Weekend Reading

  • Speaking of gifts, here’s a sweet guide to being an excellent gift giver.
  • Dior + Balenciaga: The Kings of Couture and Their Legacies is also closing soon. But even if you can’t get to New York to see the show, the website is very worth a visit. I had no idea both designers launched their collections at age 42!
  • To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been a big Schiaparelli fan. Her designs always feel very fun but a bit twee, maybe? Perhaps this article will change my perspective.
  • Have you heard of Upcycle Nation? It sounds like a great concept for a reality TV fashion show, were I not so opposed to the idea of reality TV in general….
  • And as long as we’re on the topic of watching, Christmas vacation is coming! And at our house that usually means settling in to see some favorite old classic films. Here’s a great guide for finding some new favorites as well!
  • Here’s a short documentary tribute to a wonderful cartoonist who brought joy to so many people. George Booth passed away recently. His dogs had as much personality as his human characters, and he’ll be missed.
  • This guide to buying quality clothing applies to sewing, as well! Fibers, fabric quality, and seams.

Enjoy the holidays!



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