mire’s lisboa walking shorts

Mire is sharing two pairs of Lisboa Walking Shorts that she made. She used Linen remnants for her stash, perfect for the hot summer months. And we love the self-fabric belt she added!

Woman wearing Liesl + Co Lisboa Walking Shorts

I had some linen remnants in my stash, and I needed a pair of new shorts. At first, I sewed a toile and decided I needed a flat bum adjustment because there was baggy fabric underneath my bum. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of my toile.

Sewing pattern with small bum adjustment

For the first pair of shorts, I used a grey linen remnant. I would have liked to sew back patch pockets. But as I didn’t have enough fabric, I sewed welt pockets. Also, I cut the front pocket pattern in half. Then I cut the other half from the lining fabric and the other half from the main fabric.

Front pockets with main fabric and lining fabric

After that, I sewed these two parts together and had the front pocket piece. Sewing welt pockets took some time, but the instructions are great. I was very pleased with my new shorts, and I have already worn them a lot.

Liesl + Co Lisboa Shorts in Grey Linen

Liesl + Co Lisboa Shorts in Grey Linen

I used blue linen for my second pair of Lisboa shorts. This time I sewed back patch pockets and a self-fabric belt. I cut a rectangle, interfaced it, and then sewed a long tube. I decided to add D-rings to the belt. I took one end of the belt and threaded it through the two D-rings. I folded the belt around the D-rings, creating a closed loop surrounding them. Then I sewed the loop closed.

Blue self-fabric belt made with D-rings

Liesl + Co Lisboa Shorts in Blue Linen

Liesl + Co Lisboa Shorts in Blue Linen

Usually, I like to wear blue clothes, but I love how the welt pockets turned out, and I have surprisingly worn the pair of grey shorts more than my blue ones.


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  1. Erica

    These look great, Mire—very versatile for the summer months!

  2. I love both but the grey ones are my favourite!

  3. Anne

    I’m very impressed! Good job!

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