neha’s lisboa shorts

Neha added hand embroidery to her most recent Lisboa Shorts. We love the personal touch this simple technique adds to the garment.

For my first pair of Lisboa shorts, I chose to do a basic version with back pockets in a cotton twill fabric.

I’ve become interested in embroidery lately, and am always looking to add a little extra special touch of it to things. For the Lisboa shorts, I thought it would be a fun embellishment to the back pockets. Since I’m relatively new to embroidery, I figured a small simple pattern was probably a good way to start.

Liesl + Co Lisboa Shorts-back view with embroidered pocket

To begin, I basted the seam allowance around the pocket to mark the area to work with. Using a water soluble pencil, I drew the design from the bottom up.

Liesl + Co Lisboa Shorts-pocket marked for embroidery

Since my fabric is a twill, I thought the best thread for the project would be sashiko thread. I chose a variegated sashiko thread to add a little bit of interest and dimension to the pattern.

Liesl + Co Lisboa Shorts-prepping a pocket for embroidery

Using a simple running stitch and a sashiko needle, I freehand embroidered the design, starting and stopping within the seam allowance. My stitches aren’t exact or perfect, but I love how it turned out!

Liesl + Co Lisboa Shorts-embroidered pockets

I made a size 14 with a 7” inseam length without any modifications. For my next pair, I would like to try one size down in the waist, which I feel would remove a little bit of excess fabric from the front.

Liesl + Co Lisboa Shorts-front view

Overall, for my first pair of bottoms, I found this to be a wonderfully easy pattern that can come together in an afternoon of sewing. This is a great beginner friendly pattern, and I can’t recommend it enough!


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  1. Cindy Cooksey

    They turned out really cute! I love the sashiko stitching on the pockets, and they look great on black.

  2. Kathy Eastwood

    I LOVE the embroidery! I will have to do that on my next pair. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Zanna

    Amazing shorts! The embroidery is soooo cute

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