inspiration and fabric for the lisboa walking shorts

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Let’s talk about fabric and styling for the Lisboa Walking Shorts, shall we? After all, that’s the best part of sewing, at least in my opinion.

I hadn’t worn shorts in ages until a couple of years ago, when I finally decided it was time to give them another chance. I think, after living in NYC and Madrid for so long, I had decided shorts were too touristy and I didn’t want anything to do with them. (No offense, tourists!) But as it turns out, shorts can be really cute and quite chic! (And if you already knew that, just ignore me …)

I love this example of the many chic ways shorts can be styled.

Lisboa walking shorts styling and fabric ideas

Cute, right? Obviously you can go more casual, too, but since I’m interested in elevating basic shorts, I’m focusing on how they can be dressed up. But of course, this style is also perfect with flip-flops and a tank top in the backyard or by the pool.

In any case, let’s look at fabric options. Basics first. Think essential shorts fabrics: cotton twill, linen, poplin, all those fabrics that wear well and make great core wardrobe options while keeping you cool in the summer.

Lisboa walking shorts styling and fabric ideas

For colors, you can’t go wrong with basic colors, too: khaki (I’m so excited about khaki again, andit’s finally back in shops, too!), black, navy, cream. You know me; I’m all over this.

Lisboa walking shorts styling and fabric ideas

I love toile de jouy as well, which is why I selected it, in canvas, for the shorts on the pattern cover. So classic but fun. Not to mention stripes. The photo below, right, is actually pajamas. But subtle horizontal stripes and summer? LOVE!

Lisboa walking shorts styling and fabric ideas


Now, let’s get fancy! Why not a beautiful brocade? Or a drapey rayon or silk? So pretty, and totally appropriate for an afternoon summer wedding. Not to mention so fun to coordinate for the office, church, dinner, etc. And don’t forget color! A pretty pink or a beautiful print. Look to the home dec section of the fabric store for terrific fabrics here: large-scale prints can be great in such a small area like shorts. Play with them and see what you discover!

Lisboa walking shorts styling and fabric ideas

Additionally, silk shantung or dupioni would be stunning for this pattern if you want to dress it up, and it comes in so many gorgeous saturated colors. But also keep in mind, like I said in my introductory post, that winter fabrics will be great with this too. Wool crepe, wool flannel, and corduroy would be perfect, not to mention velvet or velour for fancy occasions.

You can find more ideas for this pattern in my Liesl + Co. Lisboa Walking Shorts Pinterest folder. And you can pick up your own copy of the Lisboa Walking Shorts pattern in either paper or in digital format right now.

I hope you’ll have so much fun with this one!



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