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The Liesl + Co. pattern catalog is full of classic, yet modern, styles. So it’s not surprising that we often see photos of great outfits that could easily be replicated using some combination of our styles.

Recently, Liesl found these photos from The Sartorialist:

Create these street style looks using Liesl + Co. patterns.These outfits have very different vibes. The one on the left is sleeker and more upscale, while the one on the right is slouchy and sporty. But it would be pretty easy to create a version of either one using two of our patterns: the Chaval Coat and the Hollywood Trousers. To get the look on the left, crop the trousers. For help with that, see our tutorial on lengthening and shortening garments here.

For the style on the right, sew the coat a size or two larger (I think the wearer here is actually wearing a men’s jacket; you can see how wide the shoulders are if you look for the sleeve seam on her left arm). You could also widen the legs of the Hollywood Trousers to get a really baggy look like this one. Liesl recently posted about altering trouser legs here.



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