spring pattern challenge round-up

Temperatures in much of the United States have been anything but spring-like lately. Our furnace went out while the polar vortex was taking a detour through Virginia! Talk about crummy timing. But I enjoyed watching your spring pattern challenge entries roll in while wrapped in a blanket and three layers of clothing.

Entrants sewed up one (or more) of our new spring patterns, the Kensington Knit Skirt, the Montauk Trousers and Belgravia Knit Dress. Today we’ve rounded up the contest entries for your viewing pleasure and inspiration.

A round-up of spring skirts sewn using the Kensington Knit Skirt sewing pattern.

From left to right, these Kensington Skirts were made by @zuziwan@madelouisville and @meluklya.

Spring garments sewn from Liesl + Co.'s new patterns.

You guys sewed up a rainbow of Belgravia Knit Dresses.

Left column, top to bottom: @madelouisville and @alwaysacraftylady.

Middle column, top to bottom: @contrariwise.sewing, @barbara.crisp and @nancydeb.

Right column, top to bottom: @bea_and_lucille and @zuziwan.

A round-up of spring trousers sewn using the Montauk Trousers sewing pattern.

Seeing all your Montauk Trousers really makes me want to sew myself a few pairs for the season. You can dress them up or down, or turn them into shorts using this tutorial.

Top row, left to right: @macaronquilts (who made both a pair of trousers and a pair of shorts) and @pikosew.

Middle row, left to right: @virginiadare1914@madelouisville and @zuziwan (the latter two both completed a pattern trifecta by sewing up all three new patterns).

Bottom row, left to right: @mariajsanroman, @cottoneyedjane and @mountaincraftystyle1.

You guys made some lovely things and I wish everyone could be a winner! By random drawing, the contest winner was @melukyla for her Kensington Knit Skirt.


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  1. Lyndsey

    All so pretty! I’m glad we had the challenge, I don’t know if I would have sewn all three patterns without it!

  2. Fiona McEwen

    What champion artists. Thank you all, and Masha!

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