testers’ versions of the belgravia knit dress

Have you seen our new Belgravia Knit Dress pattern? Yesterday I shared some fabric and styling inspiration to sew up this versatile pattern, but I know that it is also very helpful to see a pattern on different bodies and sewn up in different fabrics. So today we are rounding up photos of some of the dresses our testers sewed.

Shelley (also known as @lightningmcstitch) sewed both views of the pattern. Didn’t she choose great fabrics for them?

Shelley's Belgravia Dress

Shelley's Belgravia Dress

I love Melani’s classic black. This will be so versatile!

Melani's Belgravia Dress

And isn’t Allison’s print fabulous?

Allison's Belgravia Dress

Are you ready to make your own Belgravia Knit Dress? We’ll be running a challenge to sew this or one of our other spring patterns, so keep an eye out for that post.

In the meantime, you can order your own Belgravia Knit Dress pattern from our website in digital format. Don’t forget to show us what you made by uploading your photos to the Liesl + Co. Flickr group and tagging them #belgraviadress and #lieslandco on Instagram.




  1. Dianne Robertson

    I am going to patiently await the opportunity to buy a paper copy of this pattern.

    1. I’m afraid I can’t guarantee there will be a paper version of the pattern!

    2. Jennifer

      I would love a printed copy of this pattern. I find the print-it-out-yourself version very trying! Please, please, sell a print version.

      1. This pattern was available in paper format when we released it four years ago, but of course we can’t keep all our patterns in stock forever. The digital format continues to be available after the paper patterns sold out.

  2. Susan Boston

    I can’t wait to try this pattern. The testers’ versions are fabulous. I’m a newbie to knits but am encouraged that Liesl says it can be done with a straight stitch. I just have to wait for stores to reopen so I can find some pretty fabric.

  3. Kathy

    If a person wanted a smaller, shallower v-neck opening, would it be as simple as cutting out a smaller size in this area?

    1. Yes, you can certainly raise or narrow the neckline by following another size. Or there’s always this tutorial as well: https://oliverands.com/community/blog/2020/02/how-to-convert-any-pattern-to-a-v-neck.html

  4. Donna Haskins

    I love this pattern! It’s the first pattern I sewed that actually fit me with no adjustments thanks to the extended sizing! I made the size 16 even though the bust measurements were a touch bigger than mine. The shoulders and neck fit! A first! The dress sewed up easily in a few hours. I used a navy interlock that I had in my stash. It’s perfect for the office. I made the neckline a little rounder and straightened the skirt because I was afraid of the fit but next time I will leave it as designed. Just beautiful! Thank you Liesl for the extended sizing and this beautiful dress. I ordered three more pieces of ponte knit today! I can’t wait to order the patterns you have in the extended sizes.

    1. Donna, thank you so much for taking the time to tell us! I’m really glad to hear you’ve had such success with the pattern. Cheers!


    Any recommendations for a petite person. I am 5’ and busty. To go by bust measurements I would sew a size 12 with a 10 for waist and hips. The short sleeves would not be a problem ( but the long sleeves would). But getting the length and slit correct is going to be a problem.

    1. We have a blog post/tutorial to help with lengthening and shortening! You’ll just want to decide how much to shorten each piece/part and use these techniques to adjust them. It’s extremely easy once you understand the concept.


        Wow that was so fast a reply! Thanks for your reference to the tutorial.

  6. Melanie

    I know that this is for a knit dress, but would love to hear your thoughts on sewing it up in linen. Looking for a little bit dressier option.

    1. I haven’t tried it, but if you want to give it a shot I’d suggest checking the finished measurements very carefully. You’ll probably need to go up at least one size, since most of our knit patterns are designed with negative ease due to the stretch of the fabric. I hope it works!

  7. Melanie

    Thank you! Gonna give it a shot!

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