fabric and styling inspiration for the belgravia knit dress

Thanks for your enthusiastic reception to the Belgravia Knit Dress! I’m glad you’re as excited about it as I am.

Today I thought we would talk about fabrics and styling ideas for this pattern. And, as always, I’ve gathered some inspirational photos for you.

For this dress I recommend cotton jersey with a little bit of spandex as a perfect choice. And fortunately jersey comes in a wide range of colors and patterns to give you lots of choices. I love soft colors like blush and cream for spring and summer, but brights are wonderful as well! And if you’re thinking more about fall and winter, more saturated deep colors are lovely. I adore the green, below left.

You can also use ponte di roma or interlock for this style. I would imagine French terry would work as well.

Here in Europe it’s difficult to find good knits, especially anything with a good printed pattern like the dress below, left. But later this week we’ll show you a couple of terrific dresses sewn by @lightningmcstitch that use printed jerseys. And since the dress has a waist seam as well as a center-front and center-back seam you could also play with color blocking for this style! Maybe you’d like to make the bodice and skirt two different colors or play with the right and left halves of the dress for the fun of it.

You can see more photos in my Liesl + Co. Belgravia Knit Dress Pinterest folder.

I hope you’ll have loads of fun both sewing and wearing this pattern! You can purchase your own copy of the Belgravia Knit Dress right here. Be sure to tag us #belgraviadress and #lieslandco in your photos on Instagram so we can see how it turns out for you.




  1. I’d thought how fun it would be to do a side by side colour split. Looks cute! But now I really want a winter, wool version with that higher front skirt split…. Love the green and cream images at the top. Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I know how quickly and easily it sews up! 🙂

  2. Marge

    I am ready now to order the pattern. I am a 16 . Pattern sizes 0-20 shows 16 size as does 16-30. What is confusing me is the size 16 in both show different measurements.. I don’t understand . Can you explain this for me.plesse

    1. Marge, the two size ranges are developed from separate blocks, and the shaping of the pattern pieces is different as a result. If you fall into the size 16, you have the option of choosing the size range that you think will fit your shape better. This blog post will explain the difference between the two size ranges and help you choose which will be the best for you.


      1. Marge Gammie

        Thank you very much for such a prompt reply with the link which explained all. I can confidently order now. Before I do so I am going to check what I ordered when I made the classic shirt . We are so lucky having a designer who goes to all this extra work to save us from lots of fitting alterations.. Thanks again

  3. Try lillestoff.com (Germany) or biostoffe.at (Austria) for printed knits – the quality is really excellent and they deliver to other countries (at least under normal circumstances…).

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