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Hello friends!

I hope those of you in the United States are looking forward to a nice long weekend. Do you have any special plans?

We’ve been cat-sitting for a friend’s kitten and let me tell you, it’s been work! There’s been lots of hissing and growling, and even though he’s been here for two weeks I don’t foresee these cats ever being friends. It will be a relief when our little guy goes home again next week, and I won’t feel outnumbered anymore either. But he certainly is cute!

three cats is too many for me

At least they sleep a lot!

Pinterest Picks

Two ideas for your Rush Hour Dress: add a little rectangular “sleeve” like they did at J. Crew. Or layer your floral summer dress and wear it well into fall.

Liesl's August 30 Pinterest picks
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Two ideas for your Gelato Blouse + Dress pattern: add the ruffle to the bottom of the dress instead of the blouse for another look. Also, how cute would it be to add the short sleeves from the dress to the blouse, and I love the horizontal stripes.

Liesl's August 30 Pinterest picks
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Are you familiar with Alex Mill? It’s a newish brand launched from some of the key folks from J. Crew, and they’re doing a terrific job. All the garment washes and soft colors, and the new take on basics. I particularly like the indigo stories. You could make a lot of these styles by riffing on some of our patterns. These two photos remind me of our Classic Shirt (oversized) with a SoHo Skirt (gathered instead of pleated) and our Terrace Dress.

Liesl's August 30 Pinterest picks
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Fun ideas for some of our Oliver + S styles: Try the Swingset Tunic in a pretty Liberty lawn for a similar look to below, left. And add a ruffle to the Lunch Box top and pair it with the Lunch Box Culottes for the look below, right.

Liesl's August 30 Pinterest picks
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Weekend Reading

  • I think I’ve already told you that we’re headed to two Spanish weddings this September, and it sounds like they’ll be fun! I loved this article about the fabrics and fashions of a Nigerian wedding. Love the emphasis on natural fibers, and how cool is the gele!
  • I finally saw the Balenciaga and Spanish Painting show here in Madrid a couple of weeks ago. It’s quite good! I had a few quibbles with it (too much 1960s fashion, for starters) but it’s worth seeing if you get a chance. The paintings alone are spectacular, of course.
  • Can you imagine fashion being so incendiary that there are laws against it? Such was the case in 15th-century London for pointy-toed men’s shoes, of all things. Actually, I’m hoping those leggings worn by Lizzo’s dancers for the VMA don’t become a trend because that might be worth making illegal. (The rest of the performance though, wow!)
  • Black is back! (Actually it never left, although I’ve been wearing a lot of navy lately too….)
  • The very talented Isabel Toledo has died, tragically.
  • Are you Marie Kondo-ing your closet? Here are some sustainable tips to help prevent them from becoming more waste.
  • So pretty.
  • We’ve talked about Pantone a lot in the past. This article about how Pantone develops colors is quite interesting.

What are you sewing this weekend? I’m finishing up the samples for our fall photo shoot and then working on a dress for one of those weddings we’re attending! And in conjunction with the dress I’m developing a few tutorials for you, so stay tuned!



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  1. I did the Gelato view B sleeves with the peplum blouse as you pictured above for an expecting friend! Also gave it a front opening to help with nursing after. I have yet to give it to her because I need to put in snaps, but soon.

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