liesl’s classic shirt with double welt pockets

Hello friends!

I mentioned last week that I’ve been having fun playing with our Classic Shirt lately, trying some different variations. Here’s another one I finished recently.

Liesl's customized Liesl + Co Classic Shirt

For this shirt I used the double-welt pocket technique from our Gelato Blouse + Dress pattern instead of the various pocket options included in the pattern itself. It wasn’t too difficult, and maybe one of these days when I have more time I’ll give you a tutorial.

Liesl's customized Liesl + Co Classic Shirt

The fabric was an inexpensive yarn-dye shirting that I found on the remnant table at one of the shops here in Madrid. I fell in love with it instantly. It’s on the heavier side of shirting-weight fabrics, so it will probably need to wait until fall before I can wear it. But that gives me something to look forward to, right?

Liesl's customized Liesl + Co Classic Shirt

I never button the sleeve placket on my shirts so I left off the button and buttonhole this time. I think I’ll probably keep doing that in the future, since I don’t miss it at all, and it can be difficult to find a smaller matching button for that detail anyway.

Liesl's customized Liesl + Co Classic Shirt

You can pick up your own copy of our Classic Shirt pattern right here. I’ll show you another way I customized this pattern very soon.




  1. Nan

    Are you a mind reader? I was just thinking last night that I wished I could put those cool pockets in a shirt. Thanks! Looking forward to more shirt hacks and tips.

  2. Lovely shirt, Liesl! I think the fabric is great for this and love the buttons too! The welt pockets are a gorgeous detail.

  3. Nicole

    Oh, that looks great! I love this idea!

  4. Owls74

    I have the classic shirt pattern and love it. Please do a tutorial for the welt pocket it makes it look so different.

  5. Deb Cox

    That is an absolutely stunning pattern with that fabric. Congratulations on such a splendid job Liesl. It is most definitely one to be proud of. Enjoy wearing the shirt when the weather allows. I really enjoy your postings and all the information that you share with us. Thanks kindly for all your efforts.

  6. Janine

    PLEASE do the tutorial for the welt pockets. So far, this is my very favorite detail on this wonderful pattern.

    1. jax

      If you have the gelato dress, you just use the pocket pattern and follow the instructions for that.

    2. It’s all in the Gelato Dress pattern. I just changed the shape of the pockets a bit (rectangular, not curved side pockets) and added the button loop.

  7. I love this so much!

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