how i wear it: hollywood trousers

Today we have another visit from Shelley, our regular contributor from Down Under. She is here providing a fresh post to our How I Wear It series. Take it away Shelley!

Liesl + Co. Hollywood Trousers

No sooner had I made the Hollywood Trousers in a cheap drill for a muslin than I found myself dreaming of a pair in wool crepe. It just so happened that I had some stashed away, waiting for the perfect pants pattern.

Fancy, lined wool trousers deserve a fancy top, so I made a little metallic knit tank top based on a Guy Laroche Vogue pattern (V1399) to go with them. Add a pair of heels and I’m set for a night on the town.

I’ve made no changes at all to the trousers. I think Liesl must have drafted them just for me! Thanks!

Liesl + Co. Hollywood Trousers

But.… If only I’d had just a little bit more fabric I would have loved to copy these ready to wear trousers. All I’d need to do is move the closure to being an invisible side zip, omit the waistband and make a facing instead, then add a sash. I can’t get that idea out of my head and all I can see in my fabric stash is a wool crepe sized hole!

While I dither and dream about fabric purchasing, I’ll be wearing these navy, wool Hollywood Trousers to dinner, the theater, and every event that’s not a barbecue or picnic.

To barbecues and picnics I’ll be wearing my cheap drill Hollywood Trousers, and with a T-shirt and sandals, they’re pretty great too.


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  1. susan

    Hi, I am still working on my first pair of linen trousers. I have had trouble understanding the pocket instructions. I actually really love your blue trousers much more than those red ones. but that is my personal preference. They are fantastic. What is “drill”


    1. Hi Susan, have you had a look at the sew-along for help with the pockets?
      I’ll confess to having made a mistake with these ones (what happens when you think you know what you’re doing and don’t look at the instructions) – I sewed the pocket stays and the pocket bags in the wrong order such that the bags are under the stays, but since I was using self fabric it didn’t matter! Sometimes you get away with things.
      Drill is a medium to heavy fabric, usually cotton, with a diagonal (twill) weave. A lot like a denim in terms of handling and sewing.

      1. Susan

        Hi, yes. I did read the instructions carefully. Part of the problem was so much detail and keeping up with the pocket bag and the facing and the stay. What I failed to do was turn the pieces. Just that little word “turn” made the difference. I we t back and looked at the sew along.
        My sewing area is not good.
        The fly is another item I must concentrate on.
        I think there is confusion with the pieces.

        Almost done.

  2. Can we see the muslin version you made of this, please? I don’t plan to make these very soon, but when I do (and definitely a when not an if), there are chances that I will make something in lighter fabric that I can use in summer. Would love to see your version.
    I still can’t get how great these look by the way. Lovely pairing too, with that top, Shelley

    1. With ordinary photographs the muslin version is on my blog. Click on my name to go to my blog.
      I think they make nice everyday trousers too.

  3. Dianelyons

    These look gorgeous on you. I love the fit and fabric.

    1. Thank you Diane!

  4. MK

    I’m a size 0 in the hip and a 6 in the waist (rectangle, sigh). That’s a lot of sizes to cross-do you think this will work? I pulled out my french curve, but it looked pretty wonky.

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