celebrating 10 years with a giveaway from butterick patterns

Today we’re wrapping up our week of giveaways with a gift for one reader from our great friends and partners at Butterick. Read to the bottom of the post to discover what you need to do to enter.

Anniversary Giveaway from Butterick Patterns

As much as I enjoy working independently, I also really love working with our business partners. Over the past few years, especially, I’ve actively searched out people who I like to work with, and those partnerships have been a lot of fun as a result. In fact, one of the things I really miss about living in New York is the ability to hop on the subway and arrive at the Butterick offices for design meetings, to select fabrics for upcoming patterns, and to participate in photo shoots. But we work together well, even from a distance, and I make sure to see them whenever I’m in town. So it all works out.

Lisette for Butterick patterns for giveaway

To help celebrate our 10th anniversary, Butterick has generously offered a bundle of five popular Lisette patterns to one lucky winner. If you haven’t tried our Lisette for Butterick patterns yet, this will be a good opportunity to start your library with a nice variety of styles. Here’s what will be included in the prize package for our lucky winner today.

This grouping might even be the start of your own core wardrobe! It includes two dresses, a coat, a moto jacket, and a pair of classic trousers, in addition to several tops. It also includes one of our newest patterns, Lisette B6561!

Lisette for Butterick patterns for giveaway

To enter to win these five Lisette patterns from Butterick, leave a comment telling us which of the patterns in the prize package you would sew first. One entry per person, please. We will close comments on this post and choose the winner (with the assistance of random.org) on Saturday, March 24 at 9:00 AM ET. The winner will be notified by email.

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  1. M.A.G

    I love the moto jacket.

    1. Marion

      The moto iacket-would love to try it

  2. Ellen B

    6385 would look awesome as a new spring jacket in a bright color.

  3. Jess

    Ooo! I’d make the moto jacket first! ❤️

  4. Lisa

    B6526, the top looks so comfy!

  5. Lisa

    I would sew the trousers of B6526 first. They would for a good base to build my me made wardrobe from and I’d take time to get the fit right.

  6. Barb

    I love the Moto jacket but I’ve been eyeing the coat pattern for a while. This might be a good time to get some nice wool on sale!

  7. L

    I’d start with B641, and hope to work up to the moto jacket for fall

  8. Bonnie Graham

    The new 6561. It’s a new style for me.

  9. Nina

    Even though winter is (hopefully!) ending, I think I’d sew the coat first.

  10. Renee

    I’d make the wrap dress first.

  11. Penny C

    I’d sew B6169 first. The whole outfit (motor jacket, chic simple dress with fashionable hem) will be perfect for a visit to the Village Vanguard on our upcoming trip to NYC.

  12. Cindy

    I’d make 6526 first.

    1. Bessie Warren

      6169 would be my first choice

  13. Gail Glaneman

    My sewing table is cleared off and I’m ready to start cutting!

  14. Carmen Siu

    Oooh, I’d love to try the jacket! Thanks so much!

  15. Kimberly

    I like the version of B6561with the lace. Very pretty. It would be my first sew.

  16. Catherine

    These are great! I especially love the moto jacket and coat patterns! I would make the moto jacket first, since we’re heading into spring. I’m already thinking about fabric pairings…

    Congratulations on your anniversary!!

  17. Kristin

    I’d sew B641. It’s such a flattering & versatile style.

  18. I think I’d sew B6411 first ! I like the draped front a lot…

  19. Michaela

    I’d sew the coat first, made Children’s coats but never one for myself.

  20. Emily

    I would sew 6411 – looks very comfortable and flattering!

  21. Susan Schott

    6561. That flowey blouse for spring!

  22. Rachel Rogers

    It would be a toss up between 6561 blouse or 6169 dress. I love the styling of blouse, but that dress looks so comfy. Happy Anniversary and thanks for opportunity to win.

  23. María

    B6526. I’ve never tried sewing trousers for me. May be this is the day…

  24. Ava

    The coat first.

  25. Jamie

    It’s a toss up between the moto jacket and the wrap dress for me. I’ve been eyeing a moto jacket made out of fleece ever since I saw one made in the McCalls group and my coworker has a knit one that I adore. But I also need some new dresses for work. Decisions, decisions.

  26. Ashley

    6526…so practical…

  27. Carla Becker

    B6561 – I’ve been wanting a blouse like that for a long time.

  28. Kate W

    The knit dress would be adorable on my teen daughter!

  29. I have my fabric already prepped for the coat, even though we’re headed into spring! I’d probably see the new blouse first, though!

  30. Laura W.

    I would make the coat in a pretty blush wool or camel!

  31. Anne

    The faux wrap dress. Looks amazing

  32. Patty

    I would make the dress!!


    I would sew B6561 because I have an older friend who has been wanting a top like this.

  34. Staci Poppleton

    I’ve been eyeing the coat, so that’s first. 🙂

  35. Aubergine Kenobi

    Cool giveaway! I’d definitely start with B6411 for sure!

  36. Melani

    6385 all the way!

  37. Gabriella

    I absolutey love the new blouse pattern B6561. I would sew that one first.

  38. Susan Snyder

    6526. The trousers!

  39. The moto jacket! I love that pattern.

  40. I would start with the moto jacket B6169! It’s a timeless classic.

  41. Karyn Lawson

    Ooh 6526 first and I have the fabric!

  42. Barbara Riese

    The top in pattern 5651 is very pretty. Would like to sew and wear this top.

  43. Barbara Riese

    Woops. The pattern number is 6561.

  44. Asheley

    B6526 with fabric from my stash.

  45. Michelle Van Maanen

    The knit dress!

  46. Leah

    New pattern B6561 looks very cute

  47. SaraJane Kramer

    I think I’d start with B6385. I’ve been wanting to make a coat for myself. I love the look of this one.

  48. Belinda

    I have been drooling over the moto jacket and just haven’t decided what fabric to make if from. But they’re all so beautiful!

  49. Anna

    The wrap dress. It’s been on my list for a while.

  50. Wendy

    B6561 – I’ve had some lace in my stash for ages that would be ideal for the yoke.

  51. Kelli

    B6411 would be first!

  52. Rebecca

    I’d sew up B6526 first. I really like the lines of that pattern.

  53. Lesley

    I’d like to try the Moro jacket!

  54. Tara Bosch

    I don’t usually sew for me…but I would love to make the long coat!

  55. Nicole

    I would make B6526 first!

  56. Marlena

    B6526 looks like something I could wear a lot

  57. Ruth Blazek

    The knit dress!!

  58. Adje

    I really love the coat, I an going to buy it anyway!

  59. Susan

    The moto jacket!

  60. evans s

    B6561, I can never have enough tops

  61. Karen Beagley

    The dress!!! B641

  62. Norma Ogan

    I would do B6385

  63. I would like to try the lisette B6561 – top.

  64. The motor jacket is my favorite!

  65. Wanda Quist

    I would sew 6526 first. It looks very comfortable, yet stylish. I live in pullover tops much of the time and this looks like it could take me shopping or to a party.

  66. Mary K Lombard

    The dress, 6411! My nephew’s wedding is in a few weeks!!!

  67. Courtney

    I’ve always loved the moto jacket and would love to see one for myself.

  68. Cynthia M

    B6179 jacket then dress

  69. Anne Jorunn

    I love the Moto jacket

  70. Kathy Chappel

    I would make the dress 6411. Perfect for work and casual dinners.

  71. Suzie

    Probably 6561 first. I’m working on the blouse portion of my wardrobe, since it is currently sadly lacking. The jacket and coat are really lovely, though.

  72. Deb jefferson

    Love the tops. Something new for spring!

  73. Mary jo Barclay

    I love the moto jacket!

  74. Margaret Lind

    B6526 top as I dress casual most of the time

  75. Carolyn

    I would sew B6526 first!

  76. Elizabeth Wilhour

    I think I would make the trousers from 6526 followed by the top pattern. They are all lovely so it would by really hard to choose where to start.

  77. Nancy

    The top 6561. Love it

  78. Allison

    I love B6385! That jacket is gorgeous!

  79. Kelly

    I have been wanting to sew B6411!


    Let’s start from the outside, moving in! Coat B6385 provides a perfect cover-up for all the other styles, so that would be my jumping off point. It has a timeless style and would coordinate perfectly with other looks, both purchased and sewn. The shape is suitable for all body types and has feminine flair while still maintaining clean, crisp lines. B6385 is a real winner and my first choice for developing a Lisette look!

  81. I’d try the B6561 – I love the look of the lace yoke (but would probably modify the pattern to be sleeveless since it’s already summer weather here).

  82. Maureen Collis

    The Moto Jacket!!!! I was just looking at this pattern

  83. Kate Opena

    I recently bought 2 Lisette patterns, one being the coat included here – B6385. I want to learn more tailoring and this looks like a lovely pattern. But first I would probably make the stretch wrap dress, B6411. I love the comfort of knits.

  84. KATHY Rowell

    Love the blue top, but might go with the blue dress first.

  85. Leah

    The dress! I’d like to try a knit!

  86. Marie Mompoint

    I would probably sew 6561 first, because it could be paired with a skirt or pants,. Since it has been snowing here in NY, it would be be a great start for me. I haven’t used Lisette patterns.

  87. Cathy Corrigan

    B6411 a staple for any wardrobe ! Love ❤️ a nice knit dress .

  88. Carol

    B6385 Great Perfect Coat!❤️❤️❤️ I need one in every color!

  89. Diya

    6561 first.. i love the relaxed fit of this top

  90. Libby

    6526! It looks super comfy without looking sloppy. 🙂

  91. Susan Okurowski

    I would love to ma B6385

  92. Jenny P

    I think I’d first try the B6169 dress – the version on Bartacks and Singletrack sold me on it.

  93. Cyndi

    The Moto Jacket! Followed quickly by that knit dress

  94. Susan Du

    I love the coat pattern and would make that first. A very classy design.

  95. tracy

    I love B6526. I can’t stop sewing tops and would definitely start with that one!

  96. Paige

    I would love to make a lighter weight coat for spring and fall with 6385.

  97. I would make up 6526, perfect work top!

  98. Melissa moyers

    Id do B641 first! Gorgeous dress!

  99. Mary F

    Classic style – B6385 would be my choice to sew first!

  100. Flora Turner

    I would sew 6385 first in a floral print for spring

  101. Diane P.

    It would have to be the B6411 faux wrap dress (in one of the knits I must have won earlier in the week!)

  102. Katy

    Definitely the moto jacket!

  103. Stephanie Woods

    6526 or 6561 would make a great addition to my wardrobe

  104. I’d sew the coat B6385 first. LOVE it!!

  105. Lian

    The coat, I already have plans in that direction anyway.

  106. Victoria

    I would make the dress (B6411), very flattering dress.

  107. Pamela

    B6561 The newest top pattern. Just spent an unsuccessful shopping trip looking for a rtw top like this one.

  108. carasews

    The Coat (B6385) I have always wanted to make a wool coat. I made one for my daughter and she won’t wear it. So I should make one for me! I know I will wear it.

  109. Laura

    probably b6561 first. It looks like the perfect amount of statement sleeve without being too much.

  110. Corinnea

    I’d love to make the coat!!

  111. Kay Whaley

    I would make B6561 and B6526. They both look very comfy and easy.

  112. Lyndsey Stanfill

    The Moto Jacket!!!! B6169

  113. Sally

    I’ve had the B6169 dress on my mind for a while so I guess i’d have no excuse not to give it a go!

  114. Courtney

    The wrap dress! B6411. I would love the further incentive to actually start seeing for myself!

  115. Stacey

    I’d dearly love to sew the moto jacket. Not that I think I have the skills – but that would be worth learning them for!

  116. Suzanne

    Butterick 6385!

  117. Chloe Collins

    Congratulations on 10 wonderful years! I hope that you will experience many more. I love the patterns and I would say that if I WON I would choose to make B6561 1st. Love the top and you can never get enough tops in your wardrobe. Thank you for having this giveaway.

  118. Emily Watson

    B6385 I would love a nice cosy coat like that, in a perfect post box red.

  119. Joanne

    Happy anniversary! B6385 looks beautiful!

  120. 6561 for summer would be perfect!

  121. Joyce

    I love the wrap detail of the dress, B6411. I would definitely make that first and then the coat to go with it.

  122. Heather Dawson

    I amde the moto jacket years ago, but I need a smaller size now – I would make this firs, probably

    1. Heather Dawson

      OMG – my typos!

  123. Wilietta Uhler

    B6526…in pink too!!

  124. Jennifer P

    The wrap dress – 6411

  125. Kelley Matieriene

    I would definitely sew B6411 first…love that cut and the design!!

  126. Cheryl L Hause

    I would start with B6561. I have not sewn for myself in a long time.

  127. Barbara Kugler

    I have been wanting to make a knit dress and 6411 looks great!
    Thank you very much for this week long giveaway!

  128. Dana Tougas

    My first sewing project from these patterns would be 6561 but I love both the moto jacket and the coat!

  129. Russelyn Anderson

    I would make B36169 it look beautiful

  130. Russelyn Anderson

    I would make B36169

  131. Annette Poole

    I would sew 6561 blouse – the newest one.
    I have the perfect lace for the top.

  132. Therese

    Moto jacket, definitely!

  133. Russelyn Anderson

    Thank you. I hope I get it right

  134. Russelyn Anderson

    Congratulations to the winners.

  135. Brenda Lebby

    Love 6169!! I’d definitely give that one a go first!

  136. Angie Marshall

    I would start with B6526 and keep on sewing!

  137. Ashleigh Brumet

    The B6561, it would make such a fun top!

  138. Katie Carruth

    B6385, I would use a print.

  139. Jennifer Pierce

    B6169. I’ve had my eye on it for a while!

  140. Devon

    The top from 6526. It looks super comfy!

  141. Nancy Owens

    6526 The cute top would be my first pick!

  142. Lynn Poulin

    I would sew the coat.

  143. Lynn

    I would make a lace top like the one pictured in B6561. Lovely.

  144. Sinead

    The B6385 coat has been tempting me for a while now!

  145. SC

    B6169 would be my first. Love it!

  146. Brenda (Dublin)

    The B641 wrap dress, so flattering !!

  147. Robyn Newell

    My first would be the MotoJacket!

  148. Julia Rhodes

    The coat in a cheery spring colour.

  149. Nichola ward

    I would love to make the coat B6385 first!! I haven’t made myself a coat yet and it would be great to pick my own fabric to make one.

  150. Amy

    I would chose B6526, I love that interesting hemline!

  151. The first pattern would be B6411. A simple but stunning dress for many occasions. Being newly retired, it would be an excellent addition to my wardrobe and easily accessorized.
    Congratulations on 10 years.

  152. I’d make the crossover top on B6526!!

  153. Suzanne Kelly

    The moto jacket is cool!!

  154. The moto jacket is cool!

  155. Fritha

    I’d sew B6411 first!

  156. Mary Kolb

    I’d start with B6526!

  157. Caitie

    The dress with the jacket! Very cute.

  158. Elizabeth Connolly

    Moro jacket. Without a shadow of a doubt! Followed shortly by ruffle sleevebouse

  159. Natalie Fritsche

    6561 would be first on my cutting table!

  160. I would start with 6562 it’s a very classy style for me

  161. Jackie Ries

    I just pulled out your Butterick pajamas pattern to sew! What a chance for more of your patterns! I’m a pants and cute top girl, so I will choose B5626. Congratulations on 10 years. I have a stash of your childrens’ patterns and just added 10 more!

  162. Deb

    I have loved #6526 ever since I first saw it!

  163. Susan B

    I’d see the top with the bell sleeves first. Very trendy right now.

  164. Nella Butera

    I’d sew pattern 6526. Love the look of the top.

  165. Teri Reuter

    B6561 would be the perfect way to use antique laces and trims from my cherished stash – for my daughter now that she’s all grown up.
    Thanks for sharing your success and celebration with us!

  166. Kirsten Riss-Pedersen

    I have loved B6385 since it was released but I would make B6531 first because of the bell sleeves!

  167. Ginger

    I would sew 6385 first. I’ve loved it since it came out and it’s always out of stock at my local store.

  168. June A.

    Most definitely B6561. It is so springy and I have the fabric all picked out. Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

  169. Linda Nelson

    I adore the coat. It has. It has been 30 years since I’ve made a coat, so would love the challenge!

  170. Rebecca McKenna

    6385 – love a well designed coat that I know will fit me. That is my first choice. Love the tops & dresses also.

  171. Marguerite White-Jeanneau

    I love them all…but a nice coat would be top of my list. B6385 would be first for me.

  172. Lynda Korn

    6169 – I don’t have a dress for spring. This is the perfect style for me. I’ll make a matching jacket also from the pattern. Love receiving your blogs and mail.

  173. Kathy Zachry

    Isco sew the Moro jacket first!

  174. Renae

    The Moto Jacket B6169 for sure!

  175. Virginia Grimsey

    I would make B6526 first. It is coming up to winter in Aus and this top looks so cozy.

  176. Karen

    B6561 would be my first choice. I’ve been debating about getting that pattern.

  177. Robin C.

    I would make the dress

  178. Tracy Pearson

    I would try the pink coat! It is so perfect for spring! B6169. I would
    Over to try all of them!

  179. Anna miles

    B6385- it’s just about to turn to winter down here sova new coat would be lovely

  180. Christine Hucklebridge

    Definitely B6526. It’s so cute, and looks comfortable. So happy to see these patterns are available in plus size!

  181. Kathy

    Pattern 6526 would be my first.

  182. Marsha

    B6526, starting with the top I think.

  183. Tracy Pearson

    B6169 l love the spring coat and is perfect where I love. I would enjoy sewing all of them!

  184. Kelley

    I would sew the wrap dress.

  185. B6526! I’m in the process of making the coat!

  186. Marcy

    I’d have to sew 6561 first for a new spring top!! Thank you for all the giveaways this week and happy 10th!!

  187. Frances

    No contest: B6169. It’s an elegant ensemble I could easily wear to the greenmarket with sneaks or with Manolos to the Met.

  188. Jennifer

    I would definitely start with the dress pattern B6411. This dress looks so comfortable and effortless.


    The code of course. The slacks and dresses are close tie. Regardless I look forward to going to my local fabric store and buying the patterns.

  190. Janie

    love them all!!!

  191. Bonni

    Would definitely try the moto jacket first!

  192. Danielle Burrus

    The Moto jacket and dress are classic patterns with a new flair. I would make them both and wear them together. Love them!

  193. Sharon M Burchfield

    B6526. I love the drapes. I might even have a piece of material waiting on this pattern?

  194. Jane

    6411 looks the nicest and most comfortable for me.

    1. Susan Terrill

      I have been eyeing that Moto Jacket pattern for a long time. I am a little afraid of the zipper, but Liesl’s instructions are so good that I think I will go for the Moto Jacket.

  195. Donel

    I would try the moto jacket first. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  196. Rebecca Ark

    I would make B6256 first!! But I actually love all of them!

  197. Ruth S

    The winter coat I lone I have been thinking about for awhile, so that might be first!

  198. Lisa

    Definitely the coat.

  199. Annie

    641. I love sewing dresses!

  200. Jessica Anderson

    I love the jacket from B6169! It would be a great light layer for Spring!

  201. Dorothy

    The coat’ it is coming into autumn, followed closely by winter…..

  202. Mary Inchauste

    I would sew the B6380 coat first & top B6526! Both would be great work outfits!

  203. Andrea Price

    I’d definitely start with 6526 and make myself a pair of pants and a top!

  204. Heather

    B6411 looks beautiful and I would delicately sew that first as I’ve been sick in a depressing rut since having my fighter and desperately need something new to wear to get me out of the postnatal blues.

    1. Heather

      my autocorrect ran amok on that comment. please excuse my phone typing while breastfeeding.

      edit below:
      B6411 looks beautiful and I would definitely sew that first as I’ve been stuck in a depressing rut since having my daughter and desperately need something new to wear to get me out of these postnatal blues.

  205. Shaneka giscombe

    I’d make 6561. I need more shirts in my life.

  206. Elise O'Connor

    I have sewn one already! I would probably make the jacket/coat.

  207. Sharon

    B6526, because I like the lines in both the top and the pants.

  208. Anne K.

    I would see the Moto jacket. Love the classic style!

  209. Linda Thiltgen

    I would make the coat first. A good Spring coat to pop on until the weather finally warms

  210. B6561 I love the tops.

  211. B6526 is what I’d sew first. I love this hemline!

  212. Barb Dunn

    6526- such a comfy looking top and pants.

  213. Marika

    B6526, because I need more everyday winter clothes on my wardrobe

  214. Elizabeth

    The wrap dress would be my first make!

  215. Cindy Hampton

    I love the 6561 ! I would like to make my daughter and I both one from this pattern!!

  216. Caroline

    6169 – the moto jacket in a blue wool fabric!

  217. Darlene W

    I would start with the wrap dress B6411 and then move on to the moto jacket.

  218. Vernagrace

    6526, I really like the top and the pants look comfortable, too.

  219. jo louie

    Dress, for sure…totally cool!

  220. Kylie Samson

    As we head into a forecast very cold winter here in Australia I would definitely be seeing the coat first! I find myself sewing for my daughter a lot, I think it’s time to do something for me

  221. Nancy Axmacher

    I’d make the moto jacket!

  222. Leanne Gifford

    I’d make the top from B6526. I love knit tops, and that one is different from any of my current ones.

  223. Robin Landtroop

    My favorite is 6526 the cross over top. There is just something very likable about the top. It has design but also a comfort and ease. My second favorite is the coat. Again there is stylishness with comfort and ease. Part of me would want a plain coat for versatility and part of me would like a happy floral…or maybe both?

  224. Jena

    B6385. I need new outerwear. I think I would make them well and selfishly hope I win! It would bring some cheer to working through a snowstorm at the hospital. Thank you for all the fun with the giveaways this week. Happy 10th anniversary!

  225. Sandra Hartwig

    Oooh they are all so great, but I think I would start with 6561, so on trend. I have this on my wish list but not available in New Zealand yet.

  226. Mary Coonts

    Love the various Lizette patterns I have purchased.

  227. Esther

    All great patterns. I would start with 6561

  228. Alice Stringham

    I would make the wrap dress.

  229. Sarah McEwen

    B6561–I’ve had my eye on this one since it was first released!

  230. Rachel

    I really like the 6411 dress! Very flattering style. That would be my first make 🙂

  231. Letitia Banks

    I would love to make B641 (the blue dress) it’s a classic!

  232. Rebecca

    I’d start with the moto jacket! Nice!!

  233. Lakiesha

    B6385 – I haven’t made a jacket before so that would be interesting.

  234. Caroline

    B6411 for me! It looks great

  235. Virginia Caudell

    6526 would be a great pattern to try!

  236. Geraldine Van de Kleut

    The coat! I love it!

  237. Mary

    B6411. A versatile dress is always needed.

  238. Sally

    I would love to make B6169, the Motto Jacket.

  239. Joanie

    I’d start with B6526 the Tee and pants combo! That’s I wear on a daily basis.

  240. I would make the pattern # ‘6526’ . It looks like a blouse that can be an everyday casual wear. With that said, I will need to happily make more than ‘1’ . Thank You for the opportunity to own these patterns. Sincerely, Tammie Kielpinski .

  241. Carrie McConn

    6385 in a cool cat print I just picked up!!

  242. Florence

    Most likely one of the tops. They’re a staple in my wardrobe

  243. Wow, tough choice. I think I’d go with the coat, I have the perfect vintage royal blue boiled wool my grandmother gave me. I can see it made up into that lovely coat pattern!

  244. Heidi

    The crossover top from B6526, I have th perfect fabric!

  245. Susan

    I would start with the coat, and then one of the tops I think

  246. Melissa Franklin

    Butterrick 6169 of course! I love the jacket!

  247. Allison

    B6385 It looks like fun to try!

  248. Kari Sakuma

    The moto jacket!

  249. Robin

    I would make the Moto jacket first.

  250. Ruthann Yeaton

    B6385! I think the clean lines of the coat would be fun to sew up. I do like the pink…Or perhaps celery green. And I love to shop for just the right buttons!

  251. Kelly Paulson

    It’s a toss up between the knit dress and the moto jacket. So fun!

  252. Beth Hull

    I would make B641 and I will definitely get one if I don’t win. Congrats on 10 years!

  253. Laura

    Like so many others, I too would sew the moto jacket!

  254. Gerry Prodger

    I’d love to make a spring coat, 6385.

  255. Wow, tough choice! I think I’d start with the coat. I have a beautiful vintage royal blue boiled wool my grandmother gave me. I can just see it made up into that lovely coat pattern!

  256. I would start with B 6526.

  257. Cheryl Loffredo

    Wow, I love the classic coat pattern B6385, and would start with this one first.

  258. Rhythm

    6561 top looks gorgeous!

  259. Jocelyn Snider

    The pink/blue coat!

  260. Emily D.

    6526! Stylish yet perfect for a mama-of-3 under 7

  261. Margo Rosario

    I would make A6561 in lace and add a cami inside it would be nice for work as well for after 5 p.m.and the reason I would make this first is because this is the fashion now.

  262. Liz

    B6526 – I have wanted that top since the first time I saw it on your blog… but life intervened. Seeing it again, I still want it (also, the beautiful jacket – never tried anything as challenging, but would definitely try this.

  263. Kirsten

    Coat for sure. I’ve been eying it forever.

  264. Denise Martin

    I would sew B6526 first, as it looks a bit easier! Have some beautiful pure silk which looks like linen which would look fabulous.

  265. Karen

    B6385 for sure!

  266. Jen

    Definitely the moto jacket!

  267. Cindi Schram

    LOVE the 6561

  268. Jacqueline

    I would definitely make the pants (B6526) first! Am on a quest to make a pair of favourite trousers – and these have all the hallmarks: pockets (!), separate waistband and stylish, relaxed cut…. Then the dress component of B6169 (inseam pockets again – yes !)… and on and on… It’s such a great collection.

  269. Sheila

    I’ve sewn a few tunic dresses recently so the Moto jacket would be a perfect starting point for me. It’s smart or casual and has an edge. Perfect.

  270. Marilyn

    The coat is gorgeous!

  271. 6561 – the up to the minute bell-sleeved, soft-styled top is perfect for spring/summer; I’m in!

  272. Ellen Sedberry

    I’d love to make the blue top on #B6526.

  273. Kris

    6526 definitely! It is lovely…

  274. Beth Webber

    6526 for sure first

  275. Eilene Hengen

    They are all great, but think that I would start with a top 6526.

  276. Lilian

    B6169 Dress – it looks so comfy!

  277. Chrislin Payne

    I love that pink coat. I’ve made plenty of doll coats for my granddaughters. Now I want to to make that stylish look for myself. This is eye catching and so pretty. I think it’s wonderful.

  278. Marcia Sue

    B6385-I am in dire need of a spring coat. The pink caught my eye….

  279. Doris Oliver

    B6526 looks like a very versatile pattern. I eould try it for myself.

  280. Ruth Yoon

    B6411 would be my first

  281. Leslie Nowakowski

    I’d love to try making some pants

  282. Laura M

    B6561, because it’s all about the sleeves!

  283. Julie Knighten

    6526, the top is fashionable, trendy, comfortable, ready for the office and easily dressed up for evening!

  284. Lamar Scott

    I would sew B6561 first. I love the style and optional lace yoke is beautiful.

  285. Kelly

    B6169 for sure… I especially love the dress!

  286. Tracy Baker

    Love The blouse B6561, definitely would be the first one I would make. Thanks so much for sharing the patterns

  287. Katie

    B6385 coat in a bright springy color!

  288. Patricia

    The moto jacket for sure.

  289. Sandy Cape

    B6561, reminds me of a top I had in the 70’s and I loved it then

  290. I love the moto jacket and would sew it first! Congratulations on 10 years!

  291. Jennifer Pubanz

    If I would win I would make Lisette coat B6385.

  292. Annette Fly

    I would make pants from 6526 to go with new Liberty lawn shirt made with All Day Shirt pattern.
    Happy Birthday Oliver and S!!!

  293. Pal McLaughlin

    6526 The material is sitting in a pink bag under my sewing table right now…Followed by the moto jacket I have a interest board already set up

  294. Jennifer sharp

    Would love to win these! But I do love B6526 it looks like it will hide my stomach well!

  295. Kerri

    I would sew the pants first!

  296. Laura

    I would sew up the Moto jacket!

  297. Sandra

    B6526. I’ve been trying to get my hands on that pattern for months

  298. Heather Reth

    I would sew the dress first… love the way it crosses on top and looks so comfy and pretty.

  299. Judy Soto

    Great patterns! I think I’d try one of the tops first….6561. I think the sleeves would be fun!

  300. Karyn

    B6385…I’ve never attempted a coat before and love the look of this one…especially in pink!

  301. 6526. I love the upside down tulip top and pants. So modern and comfortable looking. I would also make the princess seam coat for myself and the Moro jacket for my daughters. Very fresh and soft clothes with pockets are exactly what I am looking for in an upscale garment. Thanks for these refreshing new patterns for the modern woman!

  302. Erica

    I would try the newest spring blouse first!

  303. Bea Yuill

    6169 of course

  304. B6385 would be the first pattern I would use. I have that pattern it classic and I remember wear that style when I was little. Perfect for any occasion.

  305. Tonia Jeffery

    I’d probably make the dress first.

  306. Kat S

    They are all my favorite as I all ready own them all and have made everyone but the latest blouse. I love Butterick patterns. They seem to fit me best though everyone tells me the big four use the same sloper. Though I only have only a few of your Oliver and S patterns I do have pretty much all your Lisette patterns and thanks for their classic look.
    Your anniversary week has been fun to read and remember all those years that have flown by so fast cause we were sewing. Thanks kws

  307. Donna

    I can’t wait to sew B6561!

  308. Lara

    Probably the wrap dress (although I could really use some well-fitting trousers too!).

  309. Amarea

    B6526! Love the top!

  310. Holly C Sharp

    B6561!!! It’s on my list of patterns I want when they go on sale!

  311. Carrie

    I’d start with the 6526 pants and top – very versatile

  312. annette wheeler

    6526 because im new to patterns and this looks like it might be easy enough

  313. I would make 6526, the crisscross effect top. It’s very cute and could go many places.(With me in it.)

  314. Jess

    The wrap dress! Or maybe whichever one is simplest since I haven’t been sewing that long!

  315. Cm

    The jacket!! That is awesome!

  316. Kerry

    Love the moto jacket!

  317. Cori Meltzer

    I would definitely make the dress first.

  318. Nancy

    I would make the top pattern, 6561.

  319. Janie Davis

    I would sew 6561

  320. Lenora Kelson

    I would sew 6561!

  321. Monique

    b641! Thanks for the chance to win!

  322. Elizabeth Lewis

    I would sew 6526. It fits my lifestyle at this particular stage in life.

  323. Michelle Franklin

    The stretch knit dress in a geometric pattern would be fabulous!

  324. Karen Faulkner

    The coat B6385 I live in the Northwest and coats are a must in our weather until September. This would be great in a red wool in have in my collection of materials. So classic love it

  325. Ann

    I’ve had my eye on the B6169 dress after seeing Lightning McStitch’s versions.

  326. Nadia

    B6561 Beautiful blouse.

  327. Love the Moto jacket

  328. Linda Creswell-Hartman

    B6526 The top looks so comfy and dressy at the same time and the pants look great.

  329. Daisy

    I love the tulip top shown in light blue.

  330. Lisa

    It’s coming into winter now, so I’d definitely start on the moto jacket.

  331. 6411, what a pretty dress!!

  332. Susie white

    New blouse pattern 6561, I’ve already been to spotlight to find a copy and there are none in stock. So this would save me from waiting so long for it to come into stock in rural Aus

  333. Zane

    Moto jacket. I’ d love to learn more about linings.

  334. I would make 6526 because the hem detail looks so cosy. It wraps around the body in a way I don’t think I have ever seen before.
    Second would be 6411, because of the wrapped detail of the midrift. Very pretty!

  335. beverly d

    Great Looking Moto Jacket! I’d love to share the patterns with my 4-Hers!

  336. Susanne

    The knit top! I like the wrap front a lot…

  337. Pamela

    B6411. I love the mock wrap front!

  338. Kim

    I would sew one of the blouses in 6561. So pretty!

  339. Ingrid Mohr

    I would definitely sew the coat 6385 first. I’ve been eyeing it for a long time!

  340. Melissa

    I’m determined to make myself a winter coat this year, so the coat it is!

  341. Becky

    B6561 for a new spring blouse

  342. Beth

    I’d pink B6561. I have been eyeing that pattern for awhile!

  343. Rachel Brown

    B6385. I love that coat.

  344. 6561!! Cute top!

  345. Ooooh I would definitely start with 6526. The crossover knit top!!

  346. Terri Cady

    B6526 would be my first choice.

  347. Mary Beth Sterling

    I would make the dress first. It looks stylish and comfortable at the same time.

  348. Jennifer

    B641. I live in dresses and this looks really comfy.

  349. Koot

    I would love to start with the moto jacket!

  350. Congratulations to Heather who left the 122nd comment on this post. She has been selected as the winner of these Lisette from Butterick patterns.

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