six bias tape tutorials

In a little over a month, the Oliver + S blog will turn ten years old. During the past ten years we have put a lot of care and attention into creating inspiring and accessible sewing resources. Here is an example for you today as we are focusing on bias tape.

6 bias tape tutorials

Bias tape is a strip of material cut on the bias for extra stretch. It is used for binding hems or for edge decoration and is very useful for many sewing projects. For example, it adds a touch of embellishment to set your garment apart for a more professional appearance. I prefer to make my own bias tape because then I can customize it to the project. You will see that is it quite easy to do. Let me introduce you to several bias tape tutorials you might be interested in using.

bias tape tutorials

1) How to Use a Bias Tape Maker
Interested in making your own bias binding? Here’s how to do it using a bias tape maker.

2) How to Make Continuous Bias Strips
Want to learn how to make continuous bias strips? You’ve come to the right place. This tutorial will show you how.

bias tape tutorials

3) How to Make Traditional Bias Strips
Liesl shows you the traditional method for cutting bias in this tutorial.

4) How to Sew Bias Binding
Here’s a tutorial for Liesl’s favorite method of sewing bias binding in order for the binding to look nice on both sides of your project.

bias tape tutorials

5) Use Bias Binding to Finish Seams
This method is particularly useful for finishing seams on heavier fabrics. Using a contrasting fabric adds that last finished touch to the inside of a garment.

6) Join Bias Binding in the Round
Learn how to join bias binding in the round with this step-by-step photo tutorial.


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  1. Sewer

    Thank you.

    Happy 10th Anniversary.

  2. Thank you so much. I was patiently bookmarking each one of your tutorials on bias tape, and lo and behold, you were so thoughtful to place all of them (so far, of course) in THIS blog. What a wonderful resource. I will follow the link to find and purchase my kit for bias tape making. Thank you again, I appreciate your blog very much.

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