join bias binding in the round

The following tip is included in the Tea Party pattern, but I wanted to pull it out and highlight it. I was sewing up a bunch of darling Tea Party Bloomers recently and used this method to join the bias binding in the round for the leg openings on the bloomers. It’s a really slick technique.

COnnecting two bias strips

Here we go.

1) Open out the ends of the binding.

Connecting two bias strips

2) Fold each end to form a 45 degree angle.

Connecting two bias strips

Connecting two bias strips

3) Crease the folds where they meet.

Connecting two bias strips

4) Open the two creased folds. It can be helpful to mark the inside of the creases with a fabric marker.

Connecting two bias strips

5) With right sides facing, match the fold lines to each other.

Connecting two bias strips

6) Stitch the fold lines, creating a diagonal seam. Check to be sure the length is good and adjust the seam allowance if necessary.

Connecting two bias strips

7) Trim the seam allowances.

Connecting two bias strips

8) Press the seam allowance open.

Connecting two bias strips

9) Finish sewing the bias tape to the garment.

Connecting two bias strips

Connecting two bias strips

10) Refold the bias tape and finish your project.

Connecting two bias strips

If you have any specific questions about this tutorial just let me know in the comments below.

Oliver + S Tea Party Bloomers

If you are interested in a bloomers only pattern, you’re in luck! The Seashore Bloomers is available as a singles pattern and comes in sizes 6 months through 4 years.


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  1. Robin

    Thank you Rachel!

  2. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Deb

    Easy peasy!

  4. Linda A

    Quilters use this method when binding their quilts. I find that a bit of fabric glue is helpful rather than using pins for steps 3 & 4 as you often are working in a small area. Just heat set the glue with your iron & it will hold well. Fabric glue will be removed when garment is washed.

    Easy peasy & no pin pricked fingers!!

    Linda A

  5. Judith Cordray

    Thank you so much! This can exactly at the right time for me. I was just getting ready to search the net for this.

  6. amy

    Yes! Like binding a quilt. πŸ™‚

  7. y

    Excellent, no more bulging for me.
    I am sewing a chasuble I want to know how is the best way to completly line it it is open in the middle in the back

  8. Promise

    Hi could you tell
    Me please the name of the fabric in the main photos please?

    1. All of the fabrics pictured are Woodland Clearing by Liesl Gibson for Robert Kaufman.

  9. Lori Padgett

    I’ve been trying to do this for a long time – tried many different ways – and wasn’t happy with any of them. THIS is perfect! So easy to do and finishes the binding with a professional look. So glad I found your website!

  10. Maree Lane

    Thanks for sharing, l find holding the fabric still and getting the crease precise and in the right place about fiddley and awkward

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