my favorite oliver + s pattern: badminton skort, top + dress

Please join me in welcoming Gayatri to the blog today! She blogs at Sew She Writes and she is going to share a bit about her favorite Oliver + S pattern and show us the many fantastic versions she has made. Now I’ll hand it over to her.

Hi, I’m Gayatri, and I’m here to sing the praises of the Oliver + S Badminton Skort + Top pattern!

Oliver + S Badminton Skort + Top

I’ve been sewing since I was about 7 years old, when my mother started by teaching me the basics of hand sewing. After a few years “off” during university and the years that followed (when I knitted lots, but didn’t sew), I rediscovered my love of sewing when my husband bought me a machine, and we moved to Singapore. I can’t remember how I even discovered Oliver + S patterns about four years ago, but I haven’t looked back since. I now own 14 patterns (and the Building Block Dress book) and I don’t think I’ve finished adding to my collection. Both my son and daughter are proud models of Oliver + S clothing, but I confess my daughter gets the lion’s share of the goodies.

I had a hard time choosing my favorite pattern. Both kids love the Sleepover Pajama pattern, and my son has at least four shirts and three pairs of shorts from the Sketchbook Shirt + Shorts pattern. We also love the Puppet Show shorts (four pairs and counting…), and my first foray into sewing with knits was using the excellent instructions and pattern of the Hopscotch Top (and Dress).

But just for the versatility and the ability to modify so many elements, the Badminton Skort + Top is one of my favorites. I’ve made the dress twice (and one in the works), three skorts, and one top. The skorts are so versatile, and incredibly practical for little girls who like to wear skirts, but also like to cycle, scoot, and climb things. The first dress I made for my daughter was very nearly true to the pattern, but I left off the scalloped hem. This “butterfly” dress has been worn so often the print is fading, and it’s getting short, but she won’t give up wearing it. Her friend got a matching Popover Sundress too!

Oliver + S Popover Sundress and Badminton Dress

Then my daughter’s friend wanted one, but without the yoke details, so this yellow and white one was created. It is also much loved.

Oliver + S Badminton Dress

Next up, the skort and top, this time exactly as designed. The red skort is still a wardrobe staple in our house.

Oliver + S Badminton Skort + Top

When my daughter started preschool, I thought I’d make a couple more skorts for “practical” school wear. Having one yard each of a navy polka dot and navy fabric with mushrooms, I mixed and matched the fabrics. I did leave off the scalloped hem, but added a ribbon detail to the navy polka dot for some extra fun.

Oliver + S Badminton Skort

Oliver + S Badminton Skort

Oliver + S Badminton Skort

The latest creation will be a pink and white Badminton Dress for my daughter’s fourth birthday in October (complete with scalloped hem). The good news is that she still loves the style of the dress. The bad news is that we may only have another six months left in a Size 4. I suspect my next Oliver + S purchase may very well be the next size up in this pattern!

Thanks so much Gayatri!

Would you like to take a little stroll down sewing-memory-lane? If so, head this way to see Liesl’s introduction to the Badminton pattern from March 2012!


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  1. Debbie Hill

    So cute and such potential with one pattern! Don’t you just love the versatility of Oliver and S pattern? Thank you for sharing these super ideas and dresses!

  2. Deepa Thomas

    Great write-up, Gayatri! That ribbon trimmed skirt is one of my all time favourites .

  3. Fiona

    Thank you Gayatri; you’ve reminded to dig this pattern out as Spring is slowly arriving in Australia. Lovely choices of fabrics.

  4. Linda M

    Just darling. I am going to grab my pattern and give it a try. Thank you for your great post.

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