introducing the badminton skort, top + dress sewing pattern

We haven’t introduced a pattern for a sleeveless summer top for a very long time, and I thought it was about time for another one. Plus, a lot of you have been requesting a skort. And Brooke asked for a scalloped hem ages ago, so I was thrilled that these three elements came together so nicely in this pattern.



First, the pull-on skort. It’s got an elasticized back and a flat front with a yoke that keeps the skirt from being too poofy at the waist. Because you can’t have a lot of poof when you’re hanging upside down at the playground, right?



The scalloped hem is such a lot of fun. Because it’s made with a hem facing (you know how much I like an elegant hem facing—it solves so many issues), you can use a contrast fabric for the underside of the skirt if you want a little surprise that peeks out at the hem. Which makes it all the more fun to hang upside down.

You can’t tell there are shorts under the skirt at all, and the scalloped hem skirt part looks sweet and innocent while the shorts let you get into whatever mischief you’re going to get into. That way everyone is happy.

Then the coordinating top features a curved yoke that doubles as shoulder straps. It’s simple, it looks clean, and it lets you play with contrasting or complimentary fabrics. You’ve seen this type of yoke done before, I’m sure. But two things make this style really fun and unique. One is that we added these cute little ruffles at the shoulders, and the other is the fun drawstring at the front. The ribbon tie cinches up the gathers a bit and looks really sweet.



But wait! There’s more! (I’ve always wanted to say that.) You can also make the top into a dress with a scalloped hem. The hem uses the same technique as the skort, but the pattern includes different pattern pieces for the dress hem because of the shaping. I think it makes a really cute dress. It’s gently shaped at the side seams so it’s very flattering. Even when paired with silly accessories like pink boots and a giant pink flower headband. (Not to mention sticker wallpaper. All the wallpapers in these photos were lent to us by our downstairs friends at Flat Vernacular. Brian and Payton at Flat Vernacular made the wallpaper in the photo below by individually placing hundreds of stickers on the underlying paper in a perfectly symmetrical design. Crazy cool, right?)



This pattern is also rated two scissors. And yes, you’ll get a lot of use out of it. It’s recommended for use with quilting cottons, linen, shirtings, you know. The usual fabrics. But what about dupioni or something fancy? I know you’re going to make something fun and fabulous with it. Whether you wear it with rain boots or to hang upside down at the playground.




  1. Alice S

    Great job on this pattern! I’m excited to give it a try. I think this will be a best-seller for you.

  2. Mel

    Cannot wait to get my hands on this one!!

  3. I love this new pattern and I can’t wait to make it! Thank you for the ruffles on the sleeves, I’m not a fan of spaghetti straps on little girls so these ruffles are the perfect addition.

  4. Clover

    I like this look the best. A skort is perfect. I am wondering if the shorts underneath can be added to some of your other skirts? Thanks!

  5. So cute! And I love all the details, looking forward to seeing this in my local quilt shop!

  6. Of the 3, this is my absolute favorite pattern! Can’t wait to sew it!

  7. That is adorable! Definitely on my wishlist. 🙂

  8. Whaooo ! I love this pattern !!!

  9. Jennifer

    I love this pattern! I want to see the shorts under the scalloped skirt. Dressing appropriately for hanging upside down on monkey bars is an issue for my daughter. The top is so cute, too.

  10. I am so excited for this pattern! Can’t wait to sew a few up for the summer.

  11. Sara

    I love it! Love the scallops especially!

  12. Lisa

    Can I just say that S is the most adorable model ever? She has the cutest smile 🙂

  13. Jes

    This is my favorite of the new releases! I can’t wait to make my daughter a few tops and & dresses with it!

  14. Stephanie

    Can you tell me when this will be available for purchase?

    1. Stephanie, all new patterns will go on sale April 2.

  15. Karen

    S is the cutest model. I love this pattern like crazy.

  16. Addie

    Wow! I wasn’t very impressed with this pattern when I saw the first glimpse of it but in the samples with the various fabrics etc. it really comes alive. My favorite detail has to be that scalloped hem! It’s something I’d be scared to try if I just saw it on a garment but with your fabulous pattern directions I would totally try it. Oh, and the sticker wallpaper is awesome as a photo backdrop.

  17. sharon

    Great idea with the skirt and such a pretty pattern! I sure this wll be another favorite of mine.

  18. G

    Will it be available as digital pattern?

    1. No, only in paper.

  19. Rebecca in the mini apple

    I really love these write-ups. Thanks for doing these for each pattern—it really helps me, as I am such a visual learner!

  20. justsewit

    Oh this is divine! This is just so pretty. Can the top/dress be made with knits also? I was wondering how you would make a skort. It’s fab!

  21. I will be adding this one to my collection, as well. 🙂

  22. LOVING that scalloped hem! When I saw the skorts and the top, I thought.. “I hope she did a dress option!” and YOU DID!! Can’t wait to start sewing!!

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