how to make a jeweled neckline

Looking around online you’ll find many eye-catching jeweled necklines like this one. The dresses can be quite expensive and I thought I could create a similar look for less money. It can also be a fun creative challenge. This is really quite a quick and easy project. You’ll earn lots of cool mom points when you make it, too.

Jeweled neckline on the Oliver + S Building Block Dress

There are many options when adding a statement to a dress. Here are some ideas to get your gears turning. Let’s start out with the BeDazzler which is a tool to fasten rhinestones and studs to clothes. It’s a plastic device, similar to a stapler and has been around for a few decades. The rhinestones are small in size, so you would need a lot of them to cover a large area, but rhinestone refills can be bought separately. You would want to try it out first on some scrap fabric to get the hang of it before using it on your final garment.


Then there are also iron-on and sew-on jewels, crystals, beads and rhinestones. These come is all different shapes and sizes.

variety of jewels

For my project, I decided to go with the larger sew-on type.

sew on jewels

I finalized the layout on the front bodice pattern piece.

finalize layout of jewels

I sewed up a sleeveless blue dress with box pleats using the Building Block Dress. Then I grabbed a hand sewing needle and some coordinating thread. Finally with hand sewing, I attached the beads and jewels to the neckline.

Jeweled neckline on an Oliver + S Building Block Dress

Voilà! I added that special touch to create a much-loved party piece.

So there you go for today. Looking for more inspiration? Then visit our How to Make a Jeweled Belt post.


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  1. So pretty Rachel! I’m assuming this will be dry cleaned!

    1. Good point Justine, yes, it’ll have to be dry cleaned.

      1. Well my kid laundry efforts don’t extend to dry cleaning and the dress with jewels I made for this blog post gets thrown in the wash with everything else. I may go so far as turning it inside out if I remember 🙂 The heaviest centre jewel has had to be restitched once or twice but that’s all. If you’re using smaller jewels then I’d say wash as per the fabric requirements.

      2. Audrey

        I’m sure you could hand wash it!

  2. This is the best blog for sewing inspiration. I love all your tutorials. This is something which never occurred to me and now I will totally do this.

  3. Oh my 5 yo would adore this! How does washing go?

  4. I totally remember the Bedazzler! And anyone who has seen the iconic Australian film The Castle will know why my husband would never want/allow me to have one 🙂

  5. Sarah Helene

    How Special! How Beautiful! — jewels gracing the neckline of a royal blue girl’s dress! Great choice in blue as it’s versatile for parties as well as holidays! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Since the 4 year old niece has currently requested a “Sparkle Birthday Party” {?!?!?! Where does she come up with this stuff ?!?!?!} for her next birthday, this might come in handy :)!

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