spring pattern round-up

Every season we send out a few advance copies of our patterns to some of our friends because we’re so excited to see which fabrics they’ll select and how they’ll express their own style with the new patterns. And every season I’m delighted with the results! If you’ve been watching the Flickr group, you’ve probably seen many of these photos, but I thought it would be fun to do a round-up so you can see them all together. Isn’t it fascinating how the same pattern can look so different?




But before we get started, let me just give a big public thank you to all the wonderful women who do our testing and to all the wonderful bloggers who sew up these patterns with such enthusiasm. And I also want to thank all of you who add your photos to the Flickr group and who are active on our discussion forums. Really, it’s all of you who make up this community. You never fail to amaze me with your creativity and support, of both our business and each other.

Let’s get started with the Lullabye Layette, since babies always come before children. And by the way, if you click the link or the photo you’ll be taken to each blog post where you can see lots more photos and information about each of these darling pieces.

Cherie nails it every time, doesn’t she? I love the colors in this jacket, and I love that she made it with knits. I also love those cheeks!




Cherie also sewed the bodysuit. Swiss dots? Yes, please.

[Edit to add: Cherie also did a tutorial on adding the ruffled sleeves to the bodysuit. You could use the ruffled sleeve pieces from the Badminton Top and Dress if you’re so inclined.)




Tara of Girl like the Sea has great style, too, doesn’t she? First of all, does this photo not looks like it belongs in some cool fashion magazine? Great styling!




Tara also sewed the bodysuit from a knit fabric. I adore the floral binding.




More? OK, here are a few from the Flickr group that caught my eye: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Next, the Hide-and-Seek Dress + Tunic. I’m so glad you like this style! It’s on my list to do this as a women’s style, too. But in the meantime….

Gail’s version of this pattern is so calming and relaxed, isn’t it? I think the word for this dress is serene.




Sanae got all fancy on us and added a chevron detail to the yoke. By cutting the chambray stripe so the stripes go in different directions, she really created a fantastic dress!




You really must see the back of Delia‘s dress. Not only is the chambray with the striped yoke just gorgeous, the back carries through with a stylish surprise!




OK, have you ever heard of chambray Swiss dot? If yes, you have me beat. Jenny at The Southern Institute found and used it to make this sweet dress for her daughter. I love how subtle and sophisticated it is! I also love the contrast sleeve cuffs. Isn’t fun to switch up a pattern in little ways like that?




More? No problem. Flicker photos 1, 2, 3.

I kind of suspected that the Garden Party Dress would be a favorite for many of you. And I know there are several more versions of this dress being sewn that are going to be equally amazing as the ones you’re about to see.

I love the print Gail chose for her daughter’s dress. And this photo belongs in a magazine too, doesn’t it?




Gail’s dress and Kristin’s dress would look great together, wouldn’t they? Which is kind of fun, since they’re real-life friends, too. Kristin always picks great fabrics.




Jessica took inspiration from Frozen for her dress. I still haven’t seen this film, and S doesn’t seem interested. Maybe I’ll have to watch it by myself?




Ashley and Emily are making two versions of the Garden Party. This is the blouse version, which they paired with cropped After-School Pants for a sweet little toddler outfit. I like how the blouse looks with contrast fabric at just the lower of the two bands. And I’ve heard bits and pieces about the upcoming dress version that these ladies are sewing, and I think it’s going to be fantastic!




Yes, yes. More Flickr photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

So keep your eyes on the Flickr group, and I’m sure we’re going to be seeing many more darling outfits show up in the weeks to come. After all, Easter is just around the corner! What are your spring-related sewing plans? I hope you’ll show us!


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  1. Thank you so much again for the opportunity to be on this tour. I love your patterns and what everyone has done with them!

  2. I adore the latest round of patterns. I am furiously finishing up my ‘must do’ sewing (school uniforms-yawn) so I can do some pretty sewing before the cooler weather comes.

    I adore the romper in the Hailspot voile. Those sleeve ruffles, too sweet.

    1. Nicole, is that what Swiss dot is called Down Under? I like the term Hailspot!

  3. thanks for sending patterns my way! I’m behind on all my sewing, but a hide and seek or two are in the pipeline

  4. They are all so cute!! Some really great fabric choices too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all those adorable babies in their cute little outfits.

  5. Libby

    Why can’t a sense of style be an instant download????? I need one!!!

    1. Libby, thanks for the laugh! These ladies do have style, don’t they? I think some of that style comes from experience, and the more you try different things the more confident you’ll feel about your choices. But I have a feeling you have plenty of style yourself.

  6. Your patterns are always so wonderful. I have a great idea brewing in my brain for the hide and seek dress. I can’t wait. So many projects are being planned for 2014 back to school. I have to start the planning and buying now or I won’t have enough time to get it all done. There are two grands to get ready this year. Ok, onto the shop to buy patterns and snaps. Thanks for all you do.

    PS: The tutorials are great and will make everything so much easier. Thank you again.

  7. Yay so fun to see everyone’s all together like this!! Thanks again for sending me your wonderful patterns, Liesl. My hide and seek is all cut out and waiting for me when I can grab a few moments. And I still need to blog my layette! ARGH! NEWBORN! 😉

  8. Thanks so much for inviting me to be on the tour! It was such an honor to be a small part of the spring patterns release. Everyone did such a lovely job!

  9. Thank you for including us on your Spring Pattern Round Up!! We loved sewing and sharing the latest Oliver and S masterpieces….Truly an honor….

  10. It is in some Heirloom supply shops. I must confess I have a weakness for it…..and on a sweet wee bubby……

  11. thanks so much for letting me play with these amazing new patterns! i can’t wait to watch the flickr pool fill up everyone’s amazing renditions, it’s so much fun!!

  12. They are all adorable! Loved sewing mine up-it’s Sadie’s favorite!

  13. Thank you so much for the lovely patterns, Liesl – more will be sewn up soon! 🙂

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