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I live with my husband and girls in the Bay Area of California. It is a lovely place to live, and people usually think I’m a bit crazy when I admit I would move back to my childhood home in West Michigan, given the opportunity. I am a psychotherapist turned stay-at-home mommy, and I start most of my days at six-o-clock, outside in the pool, swimming with my local masters swim team. From there it is always a busy day with my three (I should mention one of them has four paws and came from the local shelter)! On the days that my oldest is off at preschool, I race home to put my youngest down for a nap, dash outside with my pup to toss her the ball and (hopefully) tire her out, and then heave a sigh of relief when I finally plop in front of my sewing machine and carve out a couple of hours of uninterrupted sewing. I have tried to sew in the evenings, but I invariably end up having a long heart-to-heart with my seam ripper! I grew up watching my mother make my clothes, with doll outfits and purse covers to match (Did anyone else have those little purses with the wooden handles?). I started sewing on my mother’s machine very young – well before my home economics class in the seventh grade, where I’m sure I annoyed the teacher by rolling my eyes as we learned to thread the sewing machines. I am so pleased that my girls are growing up with a majority of handmade clothes in their closet, all made from the outstanding Oliver + S patterns.


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Family Reunion Dress


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