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  • rastis replied to the topic The Limerick Thread in the forum off topic 8 years ago

    I just want to sit down and sew!
    But lately I’ve been on the go
    ‘Cause we’re building a house
    And I just saw a mouse

    (I wish the the last line was just for laughs… off to find the mousetraps)

  • rastis replied to the topic Serger Problems! in the forum off topic 11 years ago

    oh my little boy is a nightmare for touching my machines… just this week i found all my sewing machine feet laid out- and one of them missing!!! not happy jan.
    i hope you can get it sorted out… sometimes just sewing on something (if there was a pencil lead or something in there to begin with) which breaks the needles can be enough to send the…[Read more]


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