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I am hoping that Rae Downing@raestewart  sees this message:
I was reading your old post about your Singer (?) making a popping noise and then the needle thread would “disconnect” when you tried to sew thicker fabrics. It’s so weird b/c the needle thread actually comes out of the eye of the needle which just doesnt make any sense!  I have my old trusty Singer Serger from the 14U series which does the same thing.  Without thread and the the knife up and out of the way, it serges beautifully.  Unfortunately, i dont get a lot of work done this way, LOL.  Did you ever figure out what the problem was with your serger?  At first, i thought it had something to do with the knife but that’s not it.  Maybe it might have something to do with the fact that I dont have differential feed so serging thicker fabrics doesnt work as well.  Anyway, I hope you solved your problem and if you did, can you let me know how you did it?


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