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The grief of ordering products

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    Tamara @justsewit

    Have you ever had a situation where you ordered something over the phone and the shop says it’s good to go and then turns around and gives some pathetic excuse on the day before you are expecting your parcel?

    Today is my hubbie’s 40th birthday and I ordered a Drizabone coat from a stockist closest to me. That was last week on Wednesday. I was expecting to go up there today and collect it in order to suprise Murray with something he’s always wanted. They called yesterday and told me their computers were down since Friday and they hadn’t ordered it in.

    I turned around and ordered it this morning from drizabone themselves and they promised express postage.

    Kicking myself for not doing that all along, but you know the whole thing about going and shopping locally. I say NEVER AGAIN AT THAT PLACE!!

    I’ve heard of ladies having this happen with their fabrics and needlework supplies also. Has it every happened to you?

    mle bb @mle bb

    I have not had that happen with sewing things yet but I did once have that happen at Borders, I ordered a textbook for an art history class I was taking and they took forever and then when they finally got back to me they said it was on backorder and I would have to wait (well my class had already started) finally after waiting and reading my assignments out of my friend’s book I cancelled the order and had the bookstore at school order a copy for me, which was considerably more expensive. fingers crossed that the coat is speedy!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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