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Test square 1/16” too small. iPad-iBooks and Adobe

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    Amie @Quilterbee

    I print PDFs patterns all the time, downloading to iBooks and/or Adobe with no problems. The 1” test square is about a 1/16” too small. My printer is on A4. Does my printer need to be on something other than A4? Thank you, Amie

    Todd Gibson

    I’m not sure what exactly might be the problem. You should be able to print with A4 without any problem.

    I would suggest enabling the rulers in Adobe Reader to check and confirm that the test square is 1″, measured outside to outside of the lines. (It definitely should be….) Once you’ve confirmed that the file is accurate, you’ll know that it’s something in how your device is connecting to your printer that is at issue.

    We always suggest printing from a computer using genuine Adobe Reader software. In certain cases other PDF readers (especially those on Apple mobile devices) can tend to change the scale of PDFs on printing slightly.

    Amie @Quilterbee

    It’s off such a tiny amount I may just roll with it. I print so may PDF patterns and the test square is always dead on so I’m not sure why this one is a wee bit smaller. Next time I’ll just buy paper patterns from you. Thanks for you help 🙂 Amie

    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Hi Amie @quilterbee
    Please don’t ignore that printing discrepancy. While 1/16″ doesn’t seem much, if you have, for example, a 40″ bust measurement, then the difference ends up being 2&2/2″
    That’s definitely enough to end up with a completely wrong sized garment.
    One thing I’ve sometimes found works is to print my pattern setting the printer to “letter” paper size, even though I have ISO standard A4 paper in the tray.
    Try that, or better still get the pattern professionally printed on 36″ wide paper, it saves so much printing and taping faffing at home.
    Good luck.

    Amie @Quilterbee

    By the time I paid for plotting and shipping it wouldn’t be affordable. With the 50%off sale going on, I just ordered the paper pattern and the cheapest shipping. I just hate the PDF pattern won’t work out. I print patterns all the time and have never had an issue until this one. If I order any more patterns from here I will be sure to order the paper patterns not PDF. Thank you for reaching out! Amie 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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