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Sweatpant modification question

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    I’ve made several knit pj sets for my kids using the Schoolbus T and the Nature Walk pants or the Sandbox pants, but I thought I would use the Parachute Sweatpants this time. Because of the fabric pattern, however, I thought I would omit the side placket, and now I’m worried about my modification. I measured the placket piece (2 3/4″), tried to account for the seam allowance, then added 1 1/8″ to both the front and the back pieces. But now it seems like it will be wonky! The back looks much bigger than the front. Should I try to make the two pieces more even? Thanks in advance for guidance! The forum is always so helpful for me 🙂

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    Just going to work through your maths out loud…
    Panel is 2 &3/4″ remove 1/4″ seam allowance from each side > remove 1/2″ = 2&1/4″.
    Halve that: = 1&1/8″

    Now, each side had a seam allowance with the panel, but that will stay to be the seam allowance for the side seam.

    So, maths correct. The side seam will end up being in the middle of where the panel would have been.

    The back piece will be bigger as our bodies have more ‘ at the back’ so to speak. I think it should work fine. I did exactly this with the after school pants once and it turned out great.
    And, for pajamas, perhaps it doesn’t matter too much if you have a slightly forward side seam.
    Share the finished pants with us please.

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    Ok, thank you so much! That gives me confidence!

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