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Sleeve and armhole for Classic Shirt

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    Nirmala D @NirmalaD

    Can you offer some advice? Photos are of muslin with sleeve basted in. I started with Size 6 D cup and graded to Size 10/12 at hips. Because my upper arms are heavy, I made a 1/2″ wide arm adjustment to the sleeves and used size 10 for sleeve. First question- are the shoulders too broad? Then the sleeve is clearly not yet well sewn – but it seems a bit twisted toward the back. Any observations ? Advice?

    Nirmala D @NirmalaD

    Please looks at these instead! I narrowed the shoulder by 3/8 inch. I re-basted following the Size 6 sewing line mostly. After looking at this, I tried grading the back sleeve armhole in about 1/4 inch from mid yoke down 2.5 inches. In the front I graded out into the seam allowance by about 1/4 from about the half way down the armhole to grading to nothing under the arm. Raising arms feels good.
    Any thoughts on this will be much appreciated.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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