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Skirt sides and pockets not matching up

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    alaskanmama @alaskanmama

    I know I must just be missing the most simple directions, but I was meticulous when tracing and even double checked my pattern pieces.

    After I assemble the pocket and attach the pleats it becomes too short to match the skirt panel. I ripped it all apart and went back step by step and can’t see where I’ve made a mistake.

    I know it’s just waiting to slap me in the face. This pattern is NOT HARD! I feel so silly.

    alaskanmama @alaskanmama

    Yay! Nevermind! I figured it out.

    When you do the second fold to construct the pocket I was folding the entire piece and edge stitching it towards the top, which removed almost an inch of fabric that would be sewn to the pleats. I knew it was going to slap me.


    Anonymous @

    I did exactly the same thing. Honestly, I am still a little confused, but there’s time to try it once more before this gift needs to be mailed to my niece.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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