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Salt water sandals – your thoughts?

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    cybele727 @cybele727

    Haha. I love momster though!

    I fear my children have been cursed with bad feet. Mine grew in pregnancy from ladies 4-5. It’s like a 32 until I had them. The kids will have similar struggles finding age appropriate shoes as they get older. Mr Sunshine has really wide small feet. WeeGee has feet with heels so narrow that we either have slippage or we have smaller shoes that crunch toes to fit the heel. Neither is good.

    Oh well. Off to search the Internet for more shoes.

    Tamara @justsewit

    Maybe I need to encourage shoes of prey to do a children’s line also. They say they are going to branch in to the mens shoes but I think it would be more fun designing shoes for kids with interestingly fitting feet.

    Oh yes my feet went wider after the children also – with each of them! Glad I never had more than three or there’d be me going around with bits of bark on my feet for shoes😛
    All I know is that I grew out of women’s sizes in “normal” shoe shops when I was 12! It was not fun and I had an awful time finding nice dress shoes until I found a shop in Adelaide but even they don’t cater for my size anymore.

    It is so difficult to get it through to the manufacturers that not everyone is a “b” fitting and a maximum size 10!

    I am so thankful my sister (who incidentally has normal sized feet) put me on to the above mentioned. At least we can have heels again but alas no sandals because they think that the openess of the lasts caused the sized to be disproportionate – but at least we still get to have heels!

    I hope you hit the jackpot @cybele727 and find a great place that caters to your kids.

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    nzsewist @Ann-Maree

    Thank you everyone for your feedback. I’m sold! There are online auctions I’m watching for some really good quality second hand pairs that close this Thursday, so hopefully I will be able to get those. Otherwise I will be ordering some brand new ones that will come direct to me all the way from the States. I will have to wait three weeks for them to get here though! Patience is not a virtue I possess in great quantity.

    I feel for you @cybele727! We have one store in our city who do proper shoe fittings for children and I hope they never go out of business. I always go there for winter boots and shoes for kindergarten as they recommend exactly the right shoe and fit for my girls.

    There are a couple of shoe manufacturers in NZ who make custom shoes that may interest you.

    Soul Shoes make lots of great leather shoes including sandals. You can send them all the details of your feet including length, width and arch height and they make a pair just for you.

    McKinlays make amazing leather boots. My girls get a pair of their ankle boots each winter and I have a pair of their womens lace up ankle boots now (in the same bright pink hue as my three year old!). They do some sandals as well but more of a school sandal style than the pretty ones that Soul Shoes do. They don’t have the full colour range on their website that I can buy in my local shoe shop so if you were interested in a style but in a different colour then I’m sure they would be able to make it even though they aren’t listed for sale. I’ve attached a photo of the range of colours they do their kids boots in. I don’t mind when the weather turns in Autumn as it means it is time to go shopping with my girls to choose a new colour of boots! 🙂

    JohannaO @JohannaO

    All of my girls, plus me wear them. I can still wear kid sizes, so I can have a pair too. So far they have been to the beach, hiked mountains, to the pool, to the bayou, and have survived.

    sosew @sosew

    I wore them growing up!
    I got pairs for my boys this year, one of the newer styles that has adjustable buckles over the toes as well which seemed like it helped with fit, they are pretty wide.
    I found they ran a bit large compared to other shoes

    corlee @corlee

    love saltwaters too, but my girl (newly minted 7) doesn’t like the buckles. she loves see kai run sandals – they are cute, wear really well, and usually have a velcro strap. both mama and kids (both boy and girl) approved!

    nzsewist @Ann-Maree

    I like the look of the see Kai run sandals @corlee. I found one supplier in NZ for those so I might look into them for next summer.

    I was able to get a second hand pair for each of my girls. Pink size 10 for N and purple size 4 for L. They love them! They’ve been wearing them around the house most days and on sunny days they have been wearing them out and about too. I have been amazed that neither of them has a single blister.

    Thank you all for your recommendations. I really appreciate it.

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