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Quality knit fabric for the pants

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    Kim @kmac0107

    Can anyone suggest a nice quality knit fabric for the pants. My daughter just bought a pair of this style of pants for my two year old granddaughter. I love the fabric, it’s a heavier knit, dark blue. They cannot go in the dryer.

    violetvata @violetvata

    I love the bottomweight knit fabric at chezami.com (read the descriptions carefully so you know if it is top or bottom weight, but their cotton lycra would work great for bottoms too!). Fabric fairy has great basics all the time, and they are super helpful on the phone or email to help you decide if it would be appropriate for shirts, leggings, matching colors, etc. Fabric.com has great prices but the stock rotates so you have to keep checking the new arrivals to find what you need, but with free shipping and lots of discounts, it’s worth it! Hope this helps- Katja

    PS You should be able to wash and dry any cotton knit fabric as long as you have washed and dried it thoroughly – at least 2-3 times W and D- before you cut it! A lot of it keeps shrinking after the first wash!

    sayiamyou @maraya

    In my little experience with knits (and having no clue about top vs bottom weights…thanks Violet!) I have found that my first preference is an interlock, followed by baby rib knit. Those have been the most user friendly for me. I have always gotten mine from fabric.com, but the selection is hit or miss. Check back often. I love Fabric Fairy’s selection though!

    I think washing twice is a good rule of thumb.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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