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Pocket opening position

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    10ashus @10ashus

    Pattern: Everyday Skirt
    Pattern piece: Pocket Lining

    My height is 5’0″. I will remove 5-3/4 inches in length from this knee length skirt – increment at waist to hip; hip to mid-thigh, mid-thigh to knee. The position of other design elements and lines is crucial in such a short space, such as the pocket.

    In the photos, it looks like the lower point of the pocket opening is about 1 inch above the hip level. Mine is right at the hip line. As a design standard, should the side seam pocket’s lower opening be even with the body’s hip line or above the hip?

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    Liesl Gibson

    I don’t know if there’s really a standard–it’s more about what looks and feels right on your body. It’s probably fine–that detail is so small it’s not going to detract from the skirt once you get the length right for you. Does that help?

    10ashus @10ashus

    Thank you for returning me to earth. Since I have the body proportions of a daschund, sometimes I do start thinking too much about how high and low things are on a pattern. This is one of those times.

    Many tutorials about petite adjustments recommend removing the pocket. I think this pocket is a special part of the Everyday Skirt. I have loved everything about the looks and design elements of this skirt ever since you first issued the pattern. I am sewing mine this weekend.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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