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LunchBox Tee View B

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    Mmollett @Mmollett

    Two questions:
    1) Is there a hem allowance for view B? I seem to have overlooked them in the instructions (is it just the same as for View A)

    2) Currently, the shirt seems short. She is at the upper end of the 4 so admittedly I didn’t want to buy the next size up right now but in general does this run somewhat a “crop” length? Thanks!


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    Mmollett @Mmollett

    Here she is with it unhemmed: https://flic.kr/p/R2uJoN

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    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    The t-shirt is a boxy, cropped style. It’s very stylish especially when teamed with the culottes. But not, I found, on a little girl who insisted on wearing her skirts or pants with the front waistband pulled down below a toddler belly. Ugh.
    I’m not sure about the hem length without getting the pattern out, but imagine it would be the same for both t-shirt views.
    I love the t-shirt you’ve made, and I think it could be hemmed and not be indecently short.

    Mmollett @Mmollett

    Yes my daughter wears her pants below her tummy I thought it was because she had abdominal surgery last summer but perhaps it’s just a preference thing now that you say that! We may just layer it with a tank.
    Thanks so much!

    Liesl Gibson

    Sorry for the silence! Yes, the hem for both views is the same allowance. Like Lightning says, it’s a short boxy style. It looks darling on her! It also depends on what you’re wearing with it. The cropped length looks great with the culottes, but it might be on the short side for other styles. It’s all about the silhouette, right?

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