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Lining the Hopscotch

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    Nicole @Nicole


    Is there anybody out there who tried lining the skirt and keeping a working button placket?

    I only lined Geranium/Washi dresses so far and have no idea how to do it for the front of the skirt and if I have to change the order of the working steps.

    If you have some advice I would be pleased to hear.


    Lightning McStitch @LightningMcStitch

    Hmmm, I just made this pattern yesterday so it’s fresh in my mind…
    The placket is the very last thing you do, so I can see two ways you could line it without changing the order of steps.
    One would be to effectively underline each front and back panel and have the lining enclosed in the hem. ie treat the lining and main fabric as one when it comes to the front and back skirt panels.
    The other way would be to create a lining with it’s own free hem but then catch it under the waistband and within the front placket. It would be contained by the front placket but then free for the rest of the perimeter of the skirt.
    Do you need the front placket to be functional? The other option would be to create a fully enclosed circle lining and do away with opening the front placket at all on the lining.

    Nicole @Nicole

    I would have used a circle lining if I had not cut out the pieces three months ago… 😬 Now as the weather is getting colder I would like to add the second layer and have to figure out how. If you say it should work to add the lining within the last steps I will go on stitchting the skirt together and use the outer skirt as a pattern piece for the lining before sewing the waistbamd and closing the button placket. Thank you! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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