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Lining a corduroy Tea Party pants suit?

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    Mama_Knowles @Mama_Knowles

    I have made my baby boy lots of the Tea party pants suits, lined them too, but I was wondering would a knit fabric work for the lining? I have some cute animal print fabric I am plan on using for his shirt and I was wanting to use it for lining on his tea party suit in corduroy but I am not sure if I’ll just be causing a big muck-up mess or would it work? What are you ladies thoughts on this?



    catherinel @catherinel

    hmm–I think it could be a problem because corduroy is a woven. With the different amount of stretch in the two fabrics you could wind up with the knit lining hanging out after some wearing and washing.

    You might try stabilizing the knit with a soft iron-on interfacing.

    Or as an alternative you could line them with a cute flannel print. It would be warm and you would avoid the stretch-out of the knit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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