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Liberty Tana on sale

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    Jane @jesims

    I learned the quality fabric lesson the hard way. Last summer I made a jump rope dress for my little one in a cheap WalMart quilting cotton. I adored the dress but it drove me nuts when she wore it because the minute she moved it was full of wrinkles. All that time spent on a dress that I only put on her once or twice because I couldn’t stand to see her a wrinkled mess all day long. Now I spend the money on better quality fabrics and get more use out of the handmade things.


    MimmySews @MimmySews

    I have also used the Lisette Line from Joann’s which I presume Liesl has something to do with. They are lighter than quilting cotton and have a nice feel, without being extra expensive. I wouldn’t call them a lawn, but close. Great for pattern testing if you don’t want to cut into that $30 Liberty and you have a cute outfit to boot! You have to be careful, because the Joann’s close to me will put them right next to their poly “fashion fabrics.”

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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