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Larger sized Popover Sundress

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    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    Hi Leisl,

    When you did project hope earlier in the year you mentioned that you had developed a larger sized Popover sundress. Is there any chance of this being made avaliable? I would love to be abble to sew it in a size 10 and i imagine others would also love to have the larger sizes.

    Thank you for all your great patterns and fantastic instructions.


    Liesl Gibson

    Hi Heidi,

    Yes, we’ve graded the Popover Sundress to a size 10 and 12, and as soon as I have time to get them formatted we’ll make that pattern available. Sorry for the delay. I wish there were about twice as many hours in a day so we could do all the things we want!

    with love Heidi @with love Heidi

    Thanks for the prompt response Liesl,

    Looking forward to seeing the bigger sizes, such a great classic dress. I agree that we could do with twice as many hours in the day! Think of all the extra sewing we could do!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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