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Frozen Fever Anna – Halloween

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    My 4yo goddaughter has picked this year’s Halloween costume – Anna from Frozen Fever. 2yrs ago she was “Baby Anna” and I heavily altered a Fairy Tale dress to get the look I wanted. I’m not sure what will work best as a starting point for Frozen Fever Anna – I was considering the Fairy Tale again just because I love the fit. Would it be easy enough to change the collar to a band collar style? I want this to be an all in one dress with the look of the shirt/bodice/skirt/vest. I have an embroidery machine and I can design the embroidery part myself…or my mom can! 😉 I’ll probably use cotton broadcloth and make it super sturdy – she wore the last one for 2 years!

    Any tips and suggestions are welcome! I’ve done some googling and get cosplay ideas. I want it to look like Frozen Fever Anna but it doesn’t have to be an exact replica – she is four and should look like a 4yo in the dress!

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    I would wait for the new book due out this week as I understand it’s all about pattern modification 🙂

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    @caraskates I searched for the image (frozen ignoramus I’m afraid) and how about this: Music Class blouse, Lazy Days Skirt then a bodice whatsit that laces at the back to go over the top.
    Then you’ve got separates that are wearable as everyday items and whack in the brooch at the neck and the bodice and you’re instantly Anna.
    You could use a basic t-shirt shape as your launching place for the bodice. Or maybe even start with the Little Things To Sew explorer vest.
    Have fun!

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    Thanks for the suggestions @lightningmcstitch ! I am thinking about using either the Music Class blouse or the Sunday Brunch jacket as a starting point for the collar/top. It does need to be an all in one dress as she only wears dress – 24/7 and usually only pink. She makes an exception for Anna outfits. ;-P

    @with love Heidi thanks! I will take a look. I have a degree in fashion design and a fair amount of pattern drafting/modifying experience but I can always learn something!

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