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Change to our digital product policy

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    Todd Gibson

    Thanks, again, to all of you who provided feedback on this topic. I wanted to close the loop with an announcement of the changes we rolled out today in response to your feedback.

    Instead of a time limitation on our downloads, we’ve now set a limit of four download attempts on each item purchased. You can make those four download attempts now, next week, next month, or next year.

    We have also implemented the ability to create an account in the shop section of the site. The benefit here is that if you create an account when you make your purchase, you will be able to log in at any point in the future and have access to your download links again. You’ll also be able to see how many of your four download attempts you have used on each item purchased.

    We hope this makes it even easier and more convenient for all of you who like to sew with digital patterns.

    One final note, these changes have gone into effect today for orders placed today and in the future. Orders placed in the past remain subject to the seven-day download limit. And, unfortunately, we’re not able to add past orders into an account your create in the future.

    cybele727 @cybele727


    I am sure some of us will be happy, others unhappy, and some will shrug.

    There is so much “behind the scenes” stuff that goes on into this kind of decision making that we consumers are unaware of, such as server space, software to track purchases and downloads, cost per item to transmit, etc.

    But what I most appreciate is that you all took the time to solicit our feedback and take that into consideration when you formed your new policy.


    bren5kids @bren5kids

    I am one of those who will always choose digital patterns over paper, and I really appreciate that you listened to us and came up with this great solution!

    Sarvi @Sarvi

    Sounds like a good plan! Agree with Jenny, there’s no single solution that will work for every user, but taking the time to ask for feedback is much appreciated.

    nanasews @nanasews

    Either of these plans will have issues, but either way works with Evernote.. It’s free. I’ve recently begun to archive all the web materials I collect–patterns, articles, web receipts, etc.–in easy-to-create notebooks up there in the cloud. Patterns are out of your email, out of your download files, easily retrieved and easily reprinted as many times as you wish. Having said this, I prefer 3 downloads. Good luck.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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