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Building Block Muslin

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    Mmollett @Mmollett

    Hello! I’m starting with the building block dress and I am making the basic dress. I started making a muslin and I noticed that the pictures of the princess seam bodice has a waist marked. Is this on the pattern? How do I find the waist on the flat pieces? Separately but related: is the waist on a toddler about an 1″ above the belly button?
    Sorry if these are silly but I’ve only ever made the size on the envelopes and they generally fit ok. Excited to get a better fit and understand how to alter a 2D figure to fit a 3D one.

    Liesl Gibson

    Hi Martha,

    You can use the bodice hem of the basic Building Block Dress pattern as an estimated waist, but you’ll want to check it when doing a fitting with the muslin to be sure it’s accurate. Everyone is different, so it’s helpful to check and adjust as necessary.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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