cosmetic case comes in “clutch”

Recently the bag I was using to hold my knitting supplies started to fray on the inside.  It was a cute, but cheap bag that had made its way into my possession secondhand sometime in the past decade.  It served its purpose and once I’d fought to free my stitch markers and darning needles from the tangled mass of loose threads on the inside for the umpteenth time, I decided it was time for a change.

I remembered the In A Clutch cosmetic case I’d made for my daughter last year, and knew the lined interior would help me avoid a repeat of the mess I had just sorted, and the pieced exterior would allow me to showcase some handcraft-themed fabric while also using up some oddly shaped scraps.

I’ve made this pattern several times now, and I really appreciate the option to showcase different fabrics and use up the smaller scraps of treasured prints when selecting from the three views.

The In A Clutch Cosmetic Case, available in both print and digital format is part of the Straight Stitch Society line.


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