mire’s neighborhood jacket

We love the jacket Mire made from the Neighborhood Sweatshirt + Hoodie pattern and softshell fabric. Mire will stay warm and dry in this make! Take it away, Mire.

In autumn, the weather gets cooler. It is usually cloudy, rainy, and wet. My sweatshirt wasn’t warm enough anymore. So I needed a jacket for my morning walks. I had some softshell fabric in my stash and made a jacket using the Neighborhood Hoodie pattern.

Front view of woman wearing a jacket in a colorful print.

Softshell fabric is water and wind-resistant because the surface of the softshell is dense. It is also durable, stretchy, and breathes well. It is warmer than sweatshirt fabric because it has a fleece backing fabric and a woven waterproof front.

Woman excited to show off the beautiful finishing on the inside of her handmade jacket!

I added some width to the sleeve pattern. For the sleeve cuffs, I used ribbing. I cut the ribbing using the original sleeve cuff pattern. I didn’t make any other modifications. When I sewed the hoodie, I edge-stitched all the seams on both sides of the seams.

Sleeve pattern adjusted for additional width

It is quite dark in the mornings because the days get shorter and the nights longer. That is why I sewed some reflective tape on the back of the hoodie.

Back view of woman wearing a jacket in a colorful print and reflective tape and that bottom.
My jacket is great for chilly mornings or when it is windy and drizzling. Ordinary sweatshirt hoodies won’t block the wind or will soak up water. When the weather turns colder, I need something warmer than a softshell jacket, but until then, I can wear this one!


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  1. Lisa

    What an awesome jacket! Can I ask where did you find that fabric? It’s really a great combination of pattern + fabric.

  2. Erica

    What a great idea to elevate a sweatshirt pattern and increase its functionality/seasonality!

  3. Kathy E.

    Love it! I would also like to know where you found the fabric! Thanks.

  4. Mary Kolb

    Please describe this “soft shell” fabric so I can find it. I also need a wind and waterproof jacket.

  5. Debbie McDonald

    I love this! I’m getting ready to make one, and I’ve wondered about the sleeves. Can you give us more details about the sleeve width — how much did you add?

  6. Enbee

    I love it! Mind if I ask about the sizing you chose? I’m usually between.a M and L in the Liesl & Co patterns, but when I made the size L Neighborhood Sweatshirt, it swallowed me whole. Did you size down, or is this your usual size?

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