fabric shopping in mumbai

We are back with another contribution to our fabric shopping series from cities around the world. Neha is sharing a trip to her favorite fabric market in Mumbai! Thank you for sharing, Neha.

Mumbai is home to over 20 million people, and there are just as many ways and places to buy fabric here! Practically every suburb of the city has marketplaces with fabric shops, called ‘cut piece centers,’ which typically carry apparel fabrics with trims and notions to go with them.

But today, I am taking you to one of the larger textile markets in Mumbai – and my absolute favorite fabric shopping place – Mangaldas Market. Located in the Kalbadevi area of Mumbai, this is one bustling place of textile activity! There are over 100 small stores connected via a labyrinth of narrow lanes. The greater majority of the market sells apparel in natural fibers, but there are also home decor and furnishing materials too.

Narrow lane of fabric shops in Mumbai

Outside of a fabric shop in Mumbai

Primarily catering to wholesalers, they also welcome the regular shopper. It’s not too uncommon to see women out on a fabric shopping spree with friends here. Also, it’s very popular with fashion designers and boutiques to get the first of prints and designs before they hit retail stores.

Man and woman talking outside a fabric stall in Mumbai

Stack of brocade fabric in Mumbai textile market

The place is also very popular for wedding attire fabrics, especially given Indian weddings being what they are. Being a wholesale market, the prices are already quite discounted, and if you enjoy a bargain and good banter, you may even snag another discount!

Two textile merchants in Mumbai fabric shop

Talk stack of solid linen fabrics

 Linen and linen blends. In all the colors and weights to choose from!
Stacks of men's shirting fabric in a Mumbai textile shop

A shop specializing only in men’s shirting fabrics!

Textile merchants displaying eyelet fabric

Beautiful range of cotton eyelet fabrics!

Stack of colorful fabric

Pretty cotton silk blends!


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  1. Dara

    My kind of CANDY STORE!

  2. María


  3. Karleen

    I would be over the moon!

  4. Janet

    Interestingly enough not one woman in any shop? Working or shopping…

    1. Deepa

      Shops stay open till quite late in this type of market and toilet facilities are few, which is one reason why there are no women. Although I can see a female customer seated in one of the photos. The salespeople in standalone fabric stores are generally of both sexes.

  5. Wow! Neha. This looks impressive. Would be so much fun to go here with you!

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