inspiration and fabric for the enmore halter dress + top

Hello friends,

The time has come to talk about our new Enmore Halter Dress + Top: the fabrics you might choose and all the ways you can wear it!

Liesl + Co Enmore Halter Dress + Top sewing pattern

Are you excited about this one? I wore it last August during the hottest part of our stifling Madrid summer and it was so comfortable! With heels out to dinner I felt quite glamorous.

This pattern is so perfect for flowy fabrics and prints of all sorts. I showed you how I chevron seamed my bias-cut linen version, which you could easily do with a pretty satin to achieve something similar to the striped version below, left. And the dots at the right are really classic and chic, aren’t they?

Liesl + Co Enmore Halter Dress + Top inspiration

This style would lend itself really well to a belt. You could also use my tutorial to add an elastic waist if you like. Both of these photos are great inspiration for a dress that could go many, many places this summer and well into fall.

Liesl + Co Enmore Halter Dress + Top inspiration

But that’s one of the things I love about a style like this: it’s so versatile! Above left is a similar style meant to be worn as a nightgown. And on the right is a style I would happily wear to a wedding. It’s all about your fabric and styling choices, of course. Isn’t that fun?

For fancy, try a beautiful drapey fabric, especially rayon or a drapey silk. I’ve been searching for large-scale abstract fabrics for a while now and haven’t had much luck. Any suggestions? I’ll keep hunting and tell you if I find anything.

Liesl + Co Enmore Halter Dress + Top inspiration

I also love the idea of choosing a fabric with more body and adding a flounce at the hem. Or a jeweled neckline? Why not? Or go crazy and add jeweled or beaded straps, just for the fun of it. It’s such a simple style that lends itself well to ideas like this.

It would be cute as a top with an added peplum, too, right? And don’t forget to layer this one! A little T-shirt underneath it will give you lots of additional options.

Liesl + Co Enmore Halter Dress + Top inspiration

You can see more ideas in my Liesl + Co. Enmore Halter Dress + Top Pinterest folder.

And you can pick up your own copy of this pattern in either paper or in digital format. As always, I can’t wait to see what you do with this style! I hope you’ll tag us on social media so we can see what you make with it.



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